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In appreciation for their contributory efforts at raising the banner of the Universal Women’s Fellowship (UWF), the Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has avowed His endless blessings on the Calabar Area Women’s Fellowship. The avowal was contained in His address to them in His Holy Vestry at the BCS World Administrative Headquarters, 34 Ambo Street Calabar, Cross River State when the women were led by Her Eminence Ikwo Effiong Edem in a ‘Thank You Father Visit’ session.

“I am aware that most of you have little or no steady means of livelihood, I am also aware of all the challenges you are going through in your businesses, marriages, housing and other means of survival, but notwithstanding,  you have been inspired to think big and plan big for the Kingdom, I assure you My children, I shall make you big men and women of the society”, declared the Supreme Monarch.

“I have come to bless you and crown your efforts with success and glory, hence I have opened the treasury of heaven and released the blessings of good health, progress, stability, prosperity, righteousness and joy of the Holy Spirit upon all of you. The ones with bad destiny which has made them struggle in life, right now I have changed it for you, for I am the King of man’s destiny”, the Holy Father continued.

The Holy Father, impressed by their reports, remarked that their works could be likened to the widow in the Holy Bible, who sat in the temple of Jerusalem and observed how the crowd put money in the treasury.

He said even though so many rich people contributed large sums, the poor widow came and put in 2 small coins, just worth a few cents.

He stated that Our Lord Jesus Christ calling His disciples said to them that the poor widow had put in more than all the other contributors to the treasury because while others contributed from their surplus wealth, she from her low earnings contributed all that she had. And more so, out of a pure heart.

He added that the Holy Father does not look at the gift one brings before Him nor his faith, but he looks at the heart. “Whatever you do with a pure heart is so heartedly received by God and He rewards you with greater blessings and salvation”, the Father said.

Speaking on the set up of the Area, Calabar South Area Women Fellowship according to the President, HE Ikwo is made up of four (4) Zones; 34 Ambo, Abasi Obori, Obufa Esuk Orok and 7-in-one zones.

According to her, meetings are held rotationally every last Monday of the month at various venues with good attendance. The Area, she said has held several meetings from the inception of the administration as scheduled in the Calabar South Area General Fellowship itinerary.

During the meeting, the following activities were carried out: Seminar presentations on different topics bothering women’s affairs.

Speaking on evangelism, she said to spread the Everlasting Gospel and the teachings of our Holy Father to the world, the Area had since constituted an evangelical team with Blessed Mother Helen Ndem as the head. Within the period under review, noted the president, the Area had embarked on house-to-house evangelism and open-air service every end of the monthly meetings in each of the zones that host.

Citing the importance of welfare which is to create a sense of belonging amongst members, she said the Area has organised several visits to members in the 4 zones that make up this area. Within the period under review, 26 members were beneficiaries of the welfare scheme in which food items, wrappers, kitchen utensils, soutanes and cash were given to them. Marriages, child blessings and funerals were also supported.

To support their well-being, she also stated that in collaboration with the CRS Health Workers Fellowship led by HE Mary Ita Etifit organised a medical outreach at Ewa Henshaw Bethel during the area meeting. She said free body checkups and laboratory tests on various illnesses were carried out.

As a weapon for fighting spiritual battles, as well as to fortify the elects of God, the Area according to her had embarked on several ministry works within the period with resultant testimonies, alongside fasting and feasting.

The administration’s achievements so far said the president included winning multiple awards during the 2021 Cross River State Women’s Fellowship get-together at Nyagassang, Akamkpa LGA Area, actively participating in the just concluded Universal Women’s Fellowship anniversaries, taking active parts in all the CRS Women’s Fellowship activities within the period under review, contributing all allotments given them by the Area’s General Fellowship and CRS UWF. She added that the fellowship is prompt on her tithe payment.

Thank You Father.

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