Ememobong Umoren

Plans are on top gear by the leadership of the Obubra Area General Fellowship to refresh her identity to reflect a new strategic direction. This move was made known by the Area Administrator, Evangelist Okem Christopher, recently at their maiden visit to the Leader, Unified Universal Theocratic Council, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu in his Vestry. 

 With our Holy Father solidly behind us, much effort will be geared towards revitalizing and reawakening the fellowship spirit of consciousness of the Obubra people’, Christopher stated. He added that mechanisms to be deployed towards its actualization include regular meetings, visitation/tours to zones and bethels, mobilizing members in bethels and zones for combined worship, formation of crusade teams for evangelism, reconstruction of bethel buildings, etc.

Evangelist Okem further divulged that in an attempt to set the experiment on her rebranding stance rolling as well as enhance effective operation in her domain, a familiarization tour with a preliminary meeting was held at various zones in the area, while the enlarged General Meeting was fixed for the last Saturday of each month in the Area respectively. Eight fellowships, he said, have so far been inaugurated, and to further ease administration, the Areas were split into four zones with about sixteen bethels under each Zone.

For effective synchronization and in line with the choral obligations, choirs were charged to always throw their weight in support of the mobilization tour and all choral programs, he reported.

Speaking on evangelism, he noted that the Fellowship had since adopted a system whereby extensive evangelism is carried out around the vicinity of the venue slated for her monthly meeting. This could come in the form of house-to-house evangelism, singing, and outing, a highly spiritual exercise of the Fold, around the Area.

While appreciating the Heavenly Father for his role towards the advancement of peace, Evangelist Christopher stated that, but for the Holy Father, a different story would have been the tale of the warring communities of Apiapum and Ofatura of the Obubra Area. He related that after crises broke out in February 2002, the State government intervened, but rather than quell the crises, it escalated with no move from any quarters towards peacekeeping. Christopher further narrated that when the coordinator of the UABSCPP, CA Izani Ekpe, sought the intervention of the Holy Father by going with the two Chiefs to see Him, funds were provided for demarcation, and on the day slated for the formal peacekeeping event, the King of Peace, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, came by Himself to broker the peace, and symbolically released pigeons into the air for peace and unity.

The Evangelist testified that His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu had vowed to cause them to flourish and develop if they bury the hatchet and embrace peace for three years, and presently, they are enjoying the tranquility and witnessing numerous developments beginning with the construction of story buildings for various business purposes along the boundary lines of the two communities. For this manifestation of His promise, they are eternally grateful, he submitted.

In His response, The Holy Father asked them to continue to pursue peace and forgiveness as only the pure in heart can truly see God. The Holy Father, impressed by their steadfastness, said the BCS, the New Kingdom of God, is emblematic of peace, and the only way to showcase the Fold, is to genuinely accommodate one another and put away all forms of malice. He assured them of his divine protection as they return to base. 

Thank You, Father.                 

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