The Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the King of kings and the Lord of lords

Ememobong Umoren

Following a report from the Administrator of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, Manyu Area of The Republic of Cameroon, Apostle Adolf Nkule,  His Holiness Olumba Obu,  the Leader of the BCS, has again resounded His avowal of keeping His children safe from any form harm. He added that none of them will encounter death as a result of conflicts arising from the war currently ravaging the country.

Addressing concerns about his faithful at the Auditorium of the BCS World headquarters, Calabar, the Holy Father applauding their resilience in the face of challenges, reiterated that they would only hear rumors of war, but it will never come near their dwelling.  The Father of Peace said the Republic of Cameroon was a country after His Heart, and in due course, all those fanning the embers of war in the country will receive their reward. He enjoined them to continue to exemplify his teachings, and all the BCS stands for.

”I know your challenges, I see your works, do not be afraid, none of you, My children, will be snatched untimely. You came in peace, you shall go back in peace.”

Apprising the King of kings and Lord of Lords on the state of affairs, Apostle Adolf said that during their maiden visit in October 1994, the Supreme Holy Father had implored them to make the visit an annual affair, but they failed to adhere to the instruction for over two decades due to their unserious nature.

According to him, the history of BCS in the Republic of Cameroon cannot be complete without the mention of the area, as it is on record that a brother from the Area contributed largely to the propagation of the tidings of the New Kingdom in that part of the world.

Since 2017, Adolf added, the country has been entrapped in a civil war that has claimed thousands of lives, followed by the outbreak of the COVID19, which caused a lockdown on social, religious, and economic activities. Until the outbreak of these two happenings, BCS activities went on smoothly, but the escalation of the melee in surrounding areas, especially the English-speaking part of the country, partially stalled their engagements for years, he reported. He also said the sad turn of events had affected economic activities as many have taken to the forests for shelter.

 The Manyu Area, said the Administrator, has one Pentecostal center, Mamfe PC, which is currently being renovated, and a bethel at the border town of Ekok. The structure, he continued, is far from being complete, as a priest’s residence and a healing home are outstanding projects earmarked for the Ekok facility.

Elucidating on their proposal for 2022, he intimidated the Holy Father on the plans of the Area to organize their first-ever Manyu love and unity feast in May 2022. He said a committee had been set, and the blueprint for the event would be presented for approval once plans are made.

 He expressed the belief that their visit to the Prince of Peace would manifest in their home country, adding that Fellowship activities are now mostly observed during the Pentecostal period.

Thank You, Father

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