By Bro. Joshua T. Sunny

Did not the scriptures uphold that “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psa. 24: 1)? Yes, it is so because everything came out of Him; the very reason God Almighty knows the end even before it starts. That is why He alone is Omniscient, Omnipresent, and Omnipotent! And those things He wants to share with mankind, He swiftly passes them through the mouths of His chosen prophets for the world to take note.

Ages past, was it not written in the Epistle to the Romans, chapter 10 verses 19 to 21; “But I say, Did not Israel know? First Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are no people, and by a foolish nation I will anger you. But Esaias is very bold, and saith, I was found of them that sought Me not; I was made manifest unto them that asked not after Me. But to Israel He saith, All day long, I have stretched forth My hands unto a disobedient and gainsaying people”? Also read Deut. 32: 20, Isa. 65: 1-3, and Hosea 1: 10. As is universally known, the Hebrews, and later the Jews, have been known to be the favourite of God on the earth plane. However, it became obvious that overwhelmed by pride, they took God for granted; of course, the not far-fetched result was the above promise of God to the Israelites. We mean, God abandoned them for another nation, a foolish and strange one for that matter!

During the British Imperial cum Colonial governance of the contemporary West African sub-region, there was no geographical territory known as Nigeria before independence. Doubtless, the process of its creation was enigmatic. Knowing the crafty nature of the British, whether or not the independence process was on, the discovery of oil, the black gold, in commercial quantity in 1958 at Oloibiri in present-day Bayelsa State was enough reason to either outrightly cancel or indefinitely postpone the independence day. But for a mysterious force higher than them, the British Imperial Monarch and Government were compelled to grant political independence, thereby handing over to the indigenous people the rights to rule themselves on 1st October 1960, and 3 years after became a republic. Nigeria as a nation-State is a conglomeration of several different peoples, evident in the various cultural heritages of the peoples, religions, languages, tribes, ethnic nationalities, arts, economic lifestyles, and so on. Is this not the reason why some of the rulers of the country at independence asserted that ‘Nigeria is a British creation’?

Indeed, we were never one in any form; yet today, because of Nigeria’s mysterious creation, we have become “a people” and “a nation”. With the evident rat race of affairs going on in the country, Nigeria is least wanted in the comity of nations of the world. What about the notoriously corrupt and criminal activities within and without? Her image outside is badly damaged. Does any country really want to identify with Nigeria? What about the unequal bilateral and multilateral relations our successive rulers maintain with foreign countries of the world who cheat us, drain our resources, and tie us to their apron strings for good living and economic advantage, while the Nigerian masses who are supposed to enjoy the accruing derivatives suffer in abject poverty – a people enslaved in their land by their very own? Even in religion, where mankind has hope and solace in God, we put down our traditional religious practices and opt for the alien ones. Here, we also are tied to Rome (Italy), Canterbury (Britain), Mecca (Saudi Arabia), and others. Even what those at the corridors of power are doing to the citizens is enough to tear any country of the world apart, that is, suffering and dying, yet smiling; the very reason non-Nigerians cannot understand Nigeria and what stuff Nigerians are made of by the Creator. Is it not clear that Nigeria most appropriately fits into that scriptural description of “a foolish nation” on contemporary planet earth?

Of a truth, there is total confusion and hopelessness in the land from one crime to another including all-time high corruption, terrorism, ritualism, banditry, and the like; yet those in authority do not give a damn about the suffering, cries, and wailings of the masses. Rather, more oppressive and draconic policies are reeled out to worsen the hardship and suffering of the people, thereby corroborating Peter Tosh’s position that, “Only the poor man feels it”. The worst is that the commonwealth of the country is in the hands of a negligible few and their cronies who continue to personalise the resources and funds of the country. They are exporting everything including money to foreign lands heartlessly, impoverishing the land and the people.

They commit these devilish acts with impunity, enjoying the one-time divine pronouncement of Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu in the 1990s that there would be no successful coups d’etat in the land again. The irony is that those enjoying this military confinement in the barracks have never recognised the Supreme Enigmatic Being behind the seemingly peaceful atmosphere they enjoy upon all the obnoxious and inhuman crimes they are committing daily against the people and the land; we mean the politicians!

To proffer solutions to the multifarious problems surmounting and trying to sink the country, The Holy Father, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, The Holy Spirit Personate, and Godhead gave a wonderful divine national gift packaged in the Everlasting Gospel titled, “What is Nigeria/Africa Ideology?” to commemorate the 26th Independence Anniversary on 1st October 1986. All Nigerians should get it to read; but the question is, from then to now, do those in authority care? We can see why there is more confusion and a hopeless state of affairs in our once great nation of hope – ‘Africa’s Giant’!

Since the last quarter of the year 2021, political jobbers and jostlers are at it again; everywhere in the land, we hear about political parties, associations, and activities all warming up for the upcoming 2023 Nationwide General Elections. At the same time, the geopolitical zones and so-called major ethnic groups are in strong opposition to one another, dictating who should be what from the office of the President down. They are, more or less, at daggers drawn, spitting fire, vilifying, throwing aspersions, and making hate speeches. Ritualistic crimes are on the increase being part of the dirty politics practised in the land. The same is the case at the state and local council tiers of government. All these are done to share the ‘National Cake’ according to them, to loot the public treasury red, and most importantly, to enslave the citizens the more, the so-called mandate owners and givers for the next four years. Soon, it is expected of them to reel out the deliberate lies of unfulfillable promises to the depraved and hungry masses, ‘the political slaves’ so-to-speak. Meanwhile, using Holy Father Olumba Olumba Obu’s words in an illustration, ‘Two thieves fighting over a property while the owner is standing by and watching them’. In the Nigerian case, the celebrated thieves are the political juggernauts and network (the political parties, politicians, and their cronies), meanwhile, nobody has ever thought it worthwhile to seek the face and help of God Almighty for His divine intervention to select and put the rightful persons into those offices so that Nigerians can truly feel good governance. No need to ask about the religious involvement of Churches and Mosques as they are sell-outs, part of the political cronies! History is always repeating itself!

To our dismay, this highly religious and spiritual nation-state, Nigeria, and its citizens feign easily and quickly to have forgotten that in their midst a decade ago was a totally new, most powerful, and uncompromising divine government inaugurated and established. The Government called the Unified Universal Theocracy (UUT) was unveiled by the Universal Monarch, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, The King of kings and Lord of lords and The Heavenly Father on Saturday, 7th April 2012 at the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star physical World Headquarters of 34 Ambo Street in Southern Calabar of Cross River State, Nigeria. With Him as ‘The Leader and Head’ of this Divine Universal Government, on Monday, 2nd January 2017, He put in place the Executive Arm christened the Unified Universal Theocratic Council (UUTC). Hear Him speak, “Out of Africa, in a nation celebrated for wickedness, corruption, and vices, in a city unknown for anything good has emanated the Supreme Government of God and His Christ: The Unified Universal Theocratic Government of The Lord God Almighty on the planet earth to fulfil the laws and the prophets. From the deepest recesses of the Darkest Africa has risen the Light of God’s glory, supreme majesty and power”. But, do these divine activities happening in their midst mean anything to Nigerians? Never! Whether noted or not, God’s will is on course in Nigeria and the entire world, time is just the vindicator and determining factor.

To straighten the records and help their intellects perchance they would change for good, let us give Nigerians, especially their leaders and the inhabitants of the world this divine lesson of recondite wisdom. The divine celebration of “Abba Father”, the event that heralded the institution of His universal government, was the fulfilment of the popular, “Our Lord’s Prayer” in the Holy Writ whereby it is written, “Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be Thy Name. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6: 9-13). It was also said that the Kingdom comes without observation as it is already in our midst. That Kingdom is the contemporary Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS) which is the indestructible Kingdom of God from heaven on earth that shall break into pieces all other existing ones and consume them; and at last, would stand perpetually alone (Dan. 2: 44; Rev. 21: 1-7). What is that will of God that is in heaven that is also to prevail on earth? It is righteousness, and hence, righteous lifestyle on earth. It is so because the Abba Father event marked the merging of heaven and earth into one entity with God Almighty now ruling supreme in all planets and creations from His Holy Throne on earth. To the spiritually blind and ignoramuses, please contact the spiritually informed masters and adepts to confirm this truth to you. We want to add the strong point here that the institution of the UUT Government brought democracy to a compulsory end, thereby giving way for Theocracy, the Government of God. Can any right-thinking person now understand why everything about governance is topsy-turvy with no one able to find out why things are not working as they are supposed to in government circles and the confusion and division across the globe, despite the advanced planning and the frequent executive meetings?

Meanwhile, man is blindly struggling to continue democracy and chanting its praise. Where are the dividends of democracy today in the lands except wailing, suffering, hardship, kidnapping, terrorism, corruption, killing, blackmailing, insurgency, religious intolerance and bigotry, wars and counter-wars, assassination, coups d’etat, genocide, oppression, subjugation, immorality, banditry, racialism, division, enslavement, ritualism, drug trafficking, and addiction, etc.; worse still is the fact that mankind has denied their Creator and turned antichrists. Like it or not, democracy is dead; what you are seeing in self-conceit is the shadow of democracy! Righteousness is the yardstick and only way of life with the enthronement of this Government of God, UUT on earth. We are now in the ‘Era of Love’; that is, love is to reign in all social relations! So, what is this theocratic government?

Laying the foundation for the government decades ago, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, The Ancient of Days and The Supernatural Teacher, taught in the Everlasting Gospel titled, “Theocracy: The Only Way Out” inter alia this way – “The Government of God by God for the Elects of God. Man will kill and make war no more, and so, there will be peace everywhere… There will be no passports, visas, immigration or customs. There will be no more wars. Everybody will be law abiding and peaceful. Thus, there will be no military, police or paramilitary units anywhere in the world. You will have a European as Mayor in Kenya, a Nigerian as Governor in America, and American as President anywhere in Asia, an African as Head of State in Europe or America and so on. In essence, when you talk about the New World, you talk about love and oneness of the human race, a New Order with one faith, one hope, one love, and one people with no division or barriers, strife or discrimination, one language, one currency, one mind, sharing everything in common, living in righteousness and perfection, one baptism and One God The Father who is in all and through all and above all”. Do not ask how He will go about these things. Are some of these things not starting to unfold in the world today though man is not conscious of them yet? Never get worried at all, all that is required of you is absolute surrender of yourselves and affairs to Him to take charge of, and follow Him sheepishly. Nigerian politicians and citizens, can you see now where we are and where we are going? However, the worrisome question that needs an urgent answer is; have you recognised The Holy Supreme Being in your midst for over a century, or do we want to be as foolish and hardened as the Jews in Christ’s advent? Even so, the unbearable or bitter truth is that, like it or not, He is taking over the governance of this country.

Addressing the problem of maladministration of Nigeria and Africa and their rich resources, in another Everlasting Gospel titled, “From Democracy to Theocracy” in Volume 2 of The Everlasting Gospel, chapter 4 verses 112-114, The Holy Father said, “Nigeria, and indeed Africa are so richly blessed by God. But the Administrators of these resources squander and destroy them. The whole world is equally abundantly blessed. There is maladministration and misappropriation of funds and resources all over the world. The world could be compared to two thieves who struggle for the property of a person who watches them struggling. God indeed, so loves the world that He does not desire that any should perish. Let us receive Him and submit ourselves to Him”. And exposing the ignorance of mankind with democracy, their cherished form of government and election, The Holy Father in verses 115-119 further said, “What is the situation of the various nations of the world that had been conducting elections? Have they profiteth from such elections? Has America been able to impose democracy on the entire world? That should tell the world that man proposes, but God disposes. There is no man on earth who is capable of ruling. That is so because all are blind, deaf, foolish and heartless. God has come to put His righteous, truthful and obedient children into positions of authority in the world. That is the only time, there shall be peace. For at that time, it shall be done on earth as it is done in heaven”. He then charged BCS faithful to “Go and preach this Gospel to the foolish people of the world”. Then in verse 129, He made a striking and pointed proclamation that, “It is the responsibility of The Father to install the right candidate(s) of His choice”. Nigerians, have we taken our elections to God to oversee and choose the right candidates? Please do not remind us of the hypocritical Christian and Islamic leaders in the country. Most of them have political allies and interests, and hence have compromised to mislead their followers. At best, they are politicians in disguise.

We vividly can recall that when the current fourth republic was about coming in through elections by civilian rule in the late-1990s, political activities including the selection of candidates and campaigns held sway. For example in Rivers State, what happened? As usual, several aspirants came forth on different political platforms. Instead of the people of the State praying and handover the state’s elections into God’s hands, quickly the Catholic Church, where Dr. Peter Odili worships, hijacked and bought over other churches of Christendom to campaign and fight against then Pastor Ebenezer Isokrari who worships with the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star (BCS). Rather than using the two political parties involved, the campaign was taken over by Christians and their churches who were pouring abuses and aspersions at Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu as Vampire, Wizard, Beelzebub, Crayfish, and the like. They tagged it, “God versus Satan”; of course, Holy Father Olumba Olumba Obu as “Satan”. The Holy Father’s face was drawn with two wings depicting wizardry! Even the then sitting Military Administrator of the State, Captain Samuel Ewang, a supposed umpire, played an open role in vilifying and antagonising BCS and The Father as his political campaign contribution. Worst still, the political parties and politicians accepted that deadly campaign move with the interest being to win the elections at all cost and by all means. At last, the elections were conducted and all knew that it was a herculean task; however, it was given to their choice, Dr. Peter Odili as Governor. What happened next?

Without war in the state, vices such as killing, cultism, assassination, ritualism, voodooism, and bloodletting became the order of the day. Even the notorious ‘Area Boys and Girls’ especially those in Port Harcourt, the state’s capital, were officially known as “Government Adopted Pikins” and were given cell phones for their heinous operations. They committed crimes beyond proportion; and the police and other law enforcement agents were rendered harmless because when any of them was arrested, the Government House immediately ordered their release. Consequently, the crime rate increased geometrically with wailing, gnashing of teeth, lamentation, cries, and great regret in the land. As it turned out, the churches and their leaders were ashamed as none could dare approach the regime to stop the killing, obnoxious and nonsensical activities, the state of anarchy, and jungle justice. All were silenced in fear, and that reign of terror continued in the land for the 8 years the regime lasted. Painfully, not even the House of Assembly could do anything legislatively to salvage the ugly situation and turn of events. In fact, the lion chased both big and small! Of course, to date, the serene nature of Rivers State had gone while bloodletting continues, only the strategy and tactics have changed.

But one of the results of that campaign of calumny in the guise of politics was the sudden attack and swift demolition of the former Presidential Bethel at 14/15 Omerelu Street, GRA Phase 3, Port Harcourt sometime in 2008 proudly supervised by Governor Chibuike R. Amaechi’s regime. Like it or not, Rivers State and her people are suffering for the blasphemy against The Holy Spirit Personified, Holy Father Olumba Olumba Obu, The Ancient of Days (Matt. 12: 31). This is the divine curse Rivers State had brought upon herself and her land in the name of politics! No doubt, the same situation had happened in other States and Local Councils of the Federation but in different forms. Can Nigerian politicians see what the greed of a few persons is doing to the country? If the people of the Rivers State had at that time sincerely handed over the elections to God Almighty, for sure, He knows how and what to do to disqualify all aspirants or candidates to bring the right person to rule them in the fear of God and in peace but most, unfortunately, blinded by mundane things, they dashed it!

We can still recall a similar occurrence at the national level around the 2015 General Elections. The then President Goodluck E. Jonathan was ready to go but the way so-called statesmen, opinion leaders, politicians, and other interest groups including religious bodies went about it became the problem. Instead of seeking the face of God and handing over the elections to Him, Nigerians behaved like the Israelites in Prophet Samuel’s time. They dictated to God to give them a king in the stead of the prophet, just for a change! Ask and it shall be given thee upholds in the scriptures, therefore, God obliged and gave them King Saul; and the rest is history as the same people quickly itched for further change. In like manner, Nigerians dictated to God asking vehemently that they wanted “Change”, not minding if that was God’s plan for them or not at the time. To satisfy their desires, the total change came with President Muhammadu Buhari because God granted their request pronto. Not long after, the same people started to complain, opposing and accusing his regime of highhandedness, worse corruption, terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and other crimes. President Jonathan has suddenly become the people’s darling – indeed, the parabolical dog going back to its vomit! No doubt that our politicians are found wanting with their evil works! Now that President Buhari’s tenure is about coming to an end in 2023, politicians are in top gear consulting and having their clandestine machinations to deceive the masses again to gain electoral victory by hook or crook into those public offices; but have they asked the opinion of God? Are Nigerians, as citizens who are the ones who have the mandate and to be governed, taken it to God Almighty sincerely in one mind through prayer, regardless of their differences?

For the overzealous politicians, we warn that there is danger ahead! Even if there may be a military coup d’etat, we may not be surprised because political gerrymandering activities are pointedly seeming to force the military to roll out their drums and leave the barracks once again to govern. Just take a look at what is happening in Africa of late. Politicians better put a check on your excesses, please! Also, be informed that there will be no business as usual. If you ask, why? Be reminded that the Founder, Creator, and Owner of Nigeria, the present favoured country of God on earth, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, The Godhead and Promised Comforter Personate is on earth and upon His Glorious Throne of Righteous to reign and rule forever. Also, do not forget His Universal Government in vogue; it is not established for fun! Hear Him directly Nigerians; “Do not walk ahead of time. Allow the will of God and His time to manifest according to His plan. No person can rush or delay God into implementing His plans for the world. This wish of an ordinary human being to become the President of a country or occupy any office is dependent on God’s will. Also, the burning desire of an incumbent President to remain in power for life cannot materialise except The Father signs it. This is not the time for rulers to force themselves on the people. God is the Real Owner of the Presidency in which two men or groups are struggling for. Can you see the work of greed? If God does not make one President, none can be. It is necessary that you should seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and every other thing shall be added to you. Surrender yourself completely to Him and follow Him, and then He will reward you abundantly. Except The Father does something, no man can do it” (EVLG 2, 4: 99-105).

Fellow Nigerians, political juggernauts, statesmen, opinion leaders, and other interest groups, you have all heard His ultimatum. He, the Real Owner of everything is here to rule and determine how the government will operate. He is the only cock to crow! Therefore, please let us no longer dictate to God-in-Human-Form in our midst again henceforward, especially from the forthcoming 2023 General Elections. Therefore, hand over the election and the affairs of this country to Him so that the good dividends of His benign rulership will be felt by all and in the land, Nigeria. Other countries of the world recognise Him and are in the habit of sending delegates to Him intermittently to guide them including those in the West African sub-region. How about you, Nigeria and Nigerians? What does it take you to recognise The Enigma, Supreme Force, and Godhead Personate, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, The Heavenly Father, The King of kings and Lord of lords, who is equally the Universal Monarch and Leader in our midst? Truly, we can no longer feign ignorance of His physical presence in our midst again. Please, politicians, watch your back!

If the youth do not know or are misled, where are the elders and statesmen of the country, Nigeria? Leading the youth and those at the corridors of power to recognise Him, handing over the affairs of the country, its governance, and well-being of its people is the duty of the elders, whether spiritual or secular is immaterial now. The crux of the matter is, who is taking the first bold step to salvage this God’s Own Country on earth now and its people? Like one spiritual chorus says, “I will deliver My children when they come (and call) unto Me”. Therefore, let us look unto Him alone from whence cometh our help; more so, believing and trusting as Gentiles on that New Name of God – OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU! (Psa. 121: 1; Isa. 42; Matt. 12: 17-21)

He is the solution to the ‘Nigeria Project’ and its problems to surprisingly make it a ‘Model State’ for the entire world to copy from. Finally, the time is far spent! It is said, a stitch in time saves nine. Let this be the food for thought of all Nigerians. Those who have ears, let them hear!

Thank You, Father.

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