Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, Leader of the Unified Universal Theocratic Government

Ememobong Umoren

Members of the Ijaw ethnic nationality, otherwise known as IZON-IBE, have been charged to pursue a common goal; this was even as they were charged to be intentional about it. The Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, Leader of the Unified Universal Theocratic Government, gave this charge in a statement issued at the Auditorium of the BCS at the World Headquarters during a visit to express the Ijaw Nation’s gratitude to the Holy Father.

The Holy Father said: ”For you to succeed, you must choose a collective goal and work towards actualizing it. The success of any organization is dependent on the readiness of its members to succeed. The need to pursue goals that reflect the teachings of the Holy Father cannot be overemphasized”. The Holy Father further accentuated the importance of working in unity even as He reiterated that the only culture worthy of promotion is love.

The event, aimed at rebranding the Ijaw nation in line with the provisions of the New World Government, had in attendance top dignitaries, illustrious sons, and daughters of the Nation, which included PCS W.B Degi, PCS Woki Wokoma, HG Natus Zebakame, HG Mark Derefaka, HG Dagogo Obene, HG Boniface Sese, CA Eneyi Ogosi, among others.

The convener of the event, PCS Benjamin Perewari, in his administrative report revealed that, outside the cradle state of Cross River where BCS physically emanated from, Ijaw territories in Nigeria had, in the 70s and beyond, embraced the Holy Father early by establishing bethels in Ijaw communities. The early missionaries, according to him, had effectively evangelized these areas, which contributed significantly to the deep roots of the BCS in these areas.

In recent times, however, he said that most of those early Bethels are either dilapidated, without members, or not existing anymore, hence the need to mobilize members from functional areas for evangelical missions to help resuscitate activities once again. He added that the forum had since come up with a scheme called Ijaw Nation Trust Fund, where monthly contributions are made to finance evangelical works and the reestablishment of Bethels.

Within the period under review, Perewari said the forum had undertaken several projects such as Ogbriagbene Pentecostal Centre maintenance, fencing of Opolo PC, Bomadi PC building project, Yenegoa Area priest residential apartment project, and Nembe PC sound system support. Noting its resolve to make evangelism one of its focal points, PCS Perewari stated that the Ijaw nation, through her special squad, evangelized the communities of Otuedu, Ologi, and Anyama-Ogbia, all in Ogbia LGA, where a hundred and six new converts were baptized.

Conveying their supplications, PCS Benjamin Perewari concluded by beseeching the Heavenly Father to continually inspire their actions, open financial doors, grant juicy employment opportunities, and most importantly, anoint State Governors and Presidents of the Country from amongst them.

Thank You, Father.

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