HIS HOLINESS OLUMBA OLUMBA OBU The King of Kings and Lord of Lords Leader Unified Universal Theocracy/ Head of administration and Sole Signatory BCS Worldwide.

Beloved Children of the new Kingdom,

It is with great Delight and depth of Gratitude to The Most-High God, even The Sole Spiritual Head, Sustainer and Controller of the Limitless Universes of God, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu that I welcome all My Children once again from various Nations, Continents, and Planets to a new year of Hope, Grace, Peace, Restoration, Prosperity, Abundance, Breakthrough, Liberty, Good Health, Healing, Success, Elevation, Victory, and Triumph for all they that believe in the New Name of The Christ of God and God Himself, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As I have broken the chains of death, and have triumphed over evil for you in the year 2021, so have I granted you the Grace to triumph and break free from all encumbrances that may be manipulated spiritually or physically against you in 2022 in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Having received all Powers in Heaven and Earth, and as I remain Your Redeemer and Intercessor, today I grant unto you the Power to leap over all your problems, sorrows, and situations. Having been enabled by The to cross over from the old year into the new year, believe also that you have been empowered to cross over all the mockery, ridicule, stagnation, unhappiness, misery, frustration, shame, penury, impossibilities, hard luck, malignment, and all temptations in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Hence, I enjoin you to establish your faith in Me and fret not because I am poised to deliver unto you the Glorious and Joyful Fruitage of your years of labour in My Kingdom, even according to My Promises for you, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In this New Year 2022, I implore you all as the Children of The Living God, who have been called out of darkness into The Marvellous Light of My Kingdom and redeemed from the perils of the evil one to develop a new and positive consciousness towards the spread and development of The Kingdom. This calls for faithfulness, humility, dedication, and steadfastness on your part, as well as an honest and sincere desire to preserve The Kingdom.

Seeing that the love of many for The Father and His Kingdom is waxing cold, and their candlestick is being removed from them in fulfilment of the scriptures it has thus become necessary for every child of this Kingdom to worship The Father in penitence and soberness because you are faced with uncertain times. Grace does not call for complacency, it requires active works of faith from a pure heart, in The Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To Preserve the Divinity, Sacredness and Holy Image of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is a key duty of every child of this Kingdom. Your communications regarding The Father should always be seasoned. Your verbal contributions within every setting, be it in the world or within this Kingdom, should also be moderate, guarded, and rewarding. Rather than engage in unwholesome conversations and vain activities against The Kingdom and the Leadership, utilize your time wisely by seeking ways of making positive inputs towards the growth of The Kingdom. 

My Children, the time is now when the true worshippers of God must worship Him in Spirit and in truth. Do not aim to exhibit your Love for God only before His Physical Presence. Instead, worship Him in your closets, behind your doors, within your heart, and in earnest, seek the good of The Kingdom. The visible loss of belief and faith in God by man has occasioned the daily rise in evil practices thus placing the society of man in a seeming state of anarchy. Certainly, now is the time when all children of this Kingdom should ask themselves the pertinent questions:

1. What is my role and contribution towards The Father’s mission of redeeming mankind?

2. What is My contribution so far towards the growth of The Kingdom?

3. Am I working for the progress and welfare of The Kingdom?

4. Does my ways and conversations reveal gratitude to God?

It is nominated that if you abide in Me, I will abide also in you, and the world will see My Glory in you, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Thus, in this new year, 2022, I call on every child of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star to show a thankful heart unto Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and His Holy Begotten Son of righteousness, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu. While I am not ignorant of your sacrifices over the years, there is yet the inevitable need to call on all bonafide Children of the BCS to rise towards the building of the Kingdom. This is said in consideration of our rate of physical development

which is not commensurate with the amount of time, energy, and resources expended in a bid to make headway in some States and Nations; hence I charge you, My Children, to rise to the challenge. I want to see you all in this New Year re-strategizing and becoming more selfless and zealous about the progress of the Kingdom. Let this be your take-home message in this New Year. Meditate on it, My Children, and decide individually and collectively on how you will contribute more to the growth of The Kingdom in this New Year.

“Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like unto treasure hid in a field; the which when a man hath found, he hideth, and for joy thereof goeth and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth the field”.

 [Matthew 13: 44]

Knowing fully well that This Kingdom is your heritage, make it your priority to overwhelmingly support the pending project which is Olumba’s Supreme Temple among others. You need not be reminded that My Mercy has continually preserved you despite your shortcomings because I desire to see you attain the joy of My Salvation and be gloriously rewarded, which is the main essence of your call into the Kingdom. Day and night, I make intercessions on your behalf, so that you do not lose out on this Divine calling that you have received.

My children, you must know that there is a change and a shift. This wind of change will manifest in diverse forms, till everything ungodly is rooted out of the surface of the earth. It will continue until man recognises God’s Divine Personage and give Him due Glory.

The last two years have visited the calamity of sickness and death upon humanity in the form of COVID-19 and its various variants. It has confused scientists, ridiculed medical science, brought world Governments to their knees, crippled economies, afflicted humanity with suffering, hunger, and hardship; above all, it has exposed the limited knowledge of man. The question now is; who controls the world? Is it the superpowers? Is it the big economies? Is it Science and medical science? Is it the churches and their leaders? Is it the government? Why has man not been able to proffer a lasting solution to COVID-19? All we hear are vaccines and booster vaccines. But here in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, I have used The Power of The Spoken Word, even The Word that created and sustains all things to shield you from this destruction. The wisdom of man is but foolishness before God, in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, the entire creation of Father Olumba Olumba Obu have converged in this Holy Ground to appreciate Him for granting the Planet Earth and her inhabitants the rarest privilege of His

Divine Physical Presence since the year of our Lord 1918 which divine occurrence has since initiated a trend reversal in every belief and tradition of the world unto such that promotes the concept of Universal Love and Oneness. The Children of BCS and other Creatures have also congregated at this time physically and virtually to thank Him for the week-long Anniversary of the Universal Celebration of His Divine Manifestation on Earth which began on the 27th December 2021 to this day, 2nd January 2022; also to Thank Him again and again for conveying all Children of the Kingdom and His Elects all over the world safely from the hazards of 2021 into the New year, 2022, which has come with restoration, hope and great joy for you all.

The year 2021 witnessed the successful celebration of many highly spiritual significant exercises popular among which is an Essay Competition and a Public Lecture with their respective themes as “Promoting Global Peace and Prosperity: The BCS Perspective” and Unity in Diversity As the Key for Peace and sustainable development” all in a bid to celebrate the Divine Manifestation of the Ancient of Days, Supreme Leader Olumba Olumba Obu.

I commend the organisers of this historic event held under the auspices of the UCCA; I commend them also for their choice of these apt topics which have a central theme bordering on the word “Peace”, but how many churches, civil societies, philosophical organisations know the meaning of Peace and the relationship of Peace to the divine Universal Peace Concept. If mankind had known the meaning of Peace, the world would have become one Big Global Peace Entity devoid of war and other antagonistic elements.

In My last but one advent, I did tell the world “My Peace I give unto you but not as the world giveth, give I unto You”. From this, you will discover that Peace is an intrinsic and essential divine balm for oiling the machinery of harmonious human existence in the world. Perhaps man should be informed that the Divine Manifestation of The Father connotes the Manifestation of all virtuous and divine ingredients which steadily transmutes to the Creation, but man has steadily shut his heart to receive and dispense these sacred values and virtues.

It has thus become expedient for man to key into the unlimited Peace of God brought gratis at this close of age through the Supreme Sacrifice of Christ, and thus benefit therefrom. It is at this point that man can live peaceably with all men. But can man do this in a world full of rancour and violence?

My Beloved children, while I Thank The Father for sustaining His Kingdom above the challenges of last year, and also for His Grace which has brought us into a New Year, I enjoin you all to embrace the Year with total faith in Him and with optimism unto greater works this year. As normal activities commence in all Bethels and Pentecostal Centres all over the world in this First Quarter of the year, 2022, I urge you all to be guided by the words of our Dear Father, even as I enjoin various International Heads and Executives of respective Fellowships to be guided by My official instructions and directives regarding their Fellowships as a means of achieving their official aims and objectives.

In like manner, Administrators of various classes, upon whose shoulders rests the onus of seeing to the physical administration, management, and advancement of the BCS in various jurisdictions, are required to do same in pursuit of BCS overall interest.

It is also of need that the posted and non-posted members of the Priesthood should realize their esteemed positions

and roles as co-labourers and co-builders of the Kingdom with The Father; hence all are expected to use their respective Priestly Offices in pursuing our evangelical and developmental

goals, while maintaining the sterling qualities of The Father for the edification of the flock.

For My Choristers, whose choral duties in the Kingdom remains paramount in the daily operations of the BCS, I enjoin you and other Bodies, groups, and Fellowships to rise to the task facing us and prove yet your love for God and His Kingdom, even as the New Year comes with so much opportunity and hope for My Children.

On the other hand, members of various States and National Supervisory and Strategic Councils are also required to strategize more practically to prove their worth in matters affecting the overall Corporate Security and Development of BCS in their variously assigned States and Nations, even as the Incorporation of the BCS in all Formations of BCS in all Foreign

Nations remain top on the agenda for this year.

My Children, I have declared before and I declare it again that the Year 2022 is the Year of Divine Restoration for all bonafide Children of the Kingdom. Certainly, the Everlasting Kingdom of our God, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, shall be heard about by people in low and high places who must also confess the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Children of ABBA FATHER, it is vital that I draw your attention to an ongoing practice of piracy concerning the production and sales of certain products which are of BCS Exclusive Rights. As you are aware, the BCS Bookshop and Research Centre is the only authorized department in charge of all productions, distributions, and sales of all BCS official literature. However, some brethren are presently engaged in the production and sale of related items without due authorization. This unscrupulous act of piracy has been responsible for the BCS Bookshop and related Units’ low performance. Therefore, to curb this unbecoming act, I wish to state here and now that:

·               The BCS Bookshop and Research Centre is the official department

saddled with the responsibility of production, distribution, and sale of the following:

·               Portraits of The Holy Father, Holy Mother, and The Son of God.

Fellowships cards, Baptismal Certificates, Birth Certificate, Membership Cards, and others.

·               Official kinds of literature of the Kingdom, including BCS Handbook, Calendar of Events, BCS Official Flag, BCS Hymn Book, BCS official Almanac and others.

It should therefore be stated that brethren who purchase the above items from sources other than the BCS Bookshop are doing so at their own expense as same has not gotten My Blessings. All My Children are, therefore, advised to retrace their steps and patronize the BCS Bookshop, and be blessed accordingly. In like manner, I enjoin you not to forget your duty of patronizing all BCS Ventures, even as I have opened the gate of prosperity for you all as you heed accordingly.

My Children, The Ancient of Days has used the Thanksgiving of today to concretize His New Year Blessings upon you and your household. He has also consolidated His Divine Blessings on all BCS Formations all over the world. Hence, My Children, the oil of My Grace upon your lives will never cease nor run dry. By My Spirit in you, many shall find freedom, peace, and joy in their souls. You shall flourish and prosper in the land, and your days, this year shall be bright as the sun. My doors of divine Love, Favour, and Blessings shall never shut against you and your generations, even as I look forward to hearing testimonies of your good works in respective localities, States, and Nations in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let the Unceasing Kindness and Goodness of The Holy Father and even the Joy of My Salvation, and of My Kingdom, be with you all and the entire world, now and forevermore, Amen.

Thank You, Father.


The King of Kings and Lord of Lords

Leader Unified Universal Theocracy/

Head of administration and Sole Signatory BCS Worldwide.

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