EVEN NATURE OBEYS YOUR PRONOUNCEMENT – Twon Brass Bethel Members Eulogize the King of kings

BCS Twon Brass Bethel Members during their visit to the Holy Father

Ememobong Umoren

Massive encomiums were rendered to the Leader of the New World Government, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, recently by brethren from the Twon Brass bethel when they visited him to tender their report of stewardship of the Bethel.

Deaconess Dieworio Gborienemi, the Bethel Administrator, testified to how nature and the elements obey the pronouncements of the Holy Father.  She related how a  message was delivered to them by the Meteorology Department that the ocean will overflow its banks and submerge the entire Brass Land, but the Holy Father averted the tragedy for His children. Knowing the devastating effects it would leave on the indigenes, the Holy Father declared that such an incidence is cancelled. He revealed that the members of the Bethel should conduct an open-air service and fasting and conduct a full-feast which, to this day, halted the impending doom.

The Administrator also narrated that there was a breakout of protest in the community, which could have ended in chaos and bloodshed, but the Holy Father, again, intervened, restoring utmost peace in the Area through the current Priest, SCS Elizabeth Ogar, such that the churches around testified that all the charms buried around the area had been destroyed.

Speaking on their activities, she said the Bethel, whose membership stands at about a hundred and twenty, has seven functional Fellowships, and plans are underway to inaugurate other Fellowships. She added that members of the Bethel participate actively in Zonal, State, and national activities.

While thanking the King of kings, the Administrator revealed that the Bethel’s project, a water facility, has kicked off. The borehole, she said, has been sunk, and serious plans to complete the project in no time have been mapped out. The Priest quarters, she continued, is about 85­­­­% completion, adding that: ”the Holy Father has completed the fencing and embankment of the bethel to prevent the building from flooding, erosion, and trespassers”.

Speaking on welfare, Deaconess Dieworio stated that a firm policy, put in place by the administration, had since been implemented to care for Priests and members alike. According to her, the Bethel executives ensure the payment of stipends as at when due. She also said that a program where every member contributes a token to promote the wellbeing of others is in practice, adding that SCS Elizabeth Ogar enjoys a cordial relationship with members.

Lamenting the living conditions of members, she disclosed they had been plagued by various degrees of challenges which, to an extent, have threatened their safety. She complained about the activities of sea pirates, which have spiraled out of control such that people cannot travel without fear of being attacked. ”One of us, Brother Anthony Umosen, was kidnapped, and Deaconess Inara Thomas was shot by sea pirates; if not for Your power over us, we would have lost the two of them” she relayed.

While the rate of unemployment is on the increase, conflicts and unrest have become the order of the day which she says is owing to the refusal of Agip Oil Company to fulfill the MOU signed with the kingdom. She pleaded with the Father to intervene so that the community can experience peace and members can go about their businesses without fear.

The Holy Father in His address assured them of His unwavering protection emphasizing that He has never failed His children and will never leave them comfortless, and as such, no weapon fashioned against them shall prosper. He assured them that He has sealed them with a divine sign such that the evil ones will see them and flee.

Thank You, Father

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