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Worried about the decline in the membership of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star youths in the Bethel, Pastor Theophilus Obeten, the Bethel Administrator of Tekowa Pentecostal Centre, Ekom Agoi, has beseeched the Holy Father to proffer a lasting solution by granting their request for job opportunities within their domain to curb migration. 

“We are currently burdened with the issue of dwindling membership among our youths. It is hard to deal with not having active youths amongst us as this has caused a total dormancy in the Choir pew. We are aware that it is as a result of lack of sustainable economic activities within the area which has caused most youths to migrate in search of greener pastures”, Pastor Obeten explained.

According to the Administrator, who spoke at the Holy Father’s Vestry when the Bethel paid a Thank-You-Father visit to the Returned Christ, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, youths are the future of any organisation, and considering the importance of the Choristers in any bethel, it had become a cause for concern that many of them are away from activities for too long. He added that apart from invigorating  the Bethel with songs, their support in many ways was lacking.

Hailing the Holy Father for siting a bethel on their soil, Obeten said they were eternally grateful for such a lofty privilege, adding that founding an Establishment by the Holy Father in Ekom Agoi would be a dream come true for indigenes as even the traditional rulers of the land are praying fervently for its fulfillment concerning the Holy Fathers pronouncement that Ekom Agoi shall be a mini London.

Concerning the mandate of all BCS Faithful on evangelism, he revealed that within the period under review, the Bethel, through evangelical outreaches, baptised eight new converts to the glory of the Holy Father.

Speaking on projects, Pastor Obeten noted that the Priests’ quarters and bethel expansion were the priority of the Bethel. He added that the Priests’ quarter’s project had come a long way and what is left is a few finishing touches. The bethel expansion, he reported, is currently above the foundation level, and prayed for the Holy Father to empower them to actualise the project.

While praying to the Holy Father for good health, he appealed to Him to abolish untimely death in their midst and heal all the infirmed among them.

Charging them to hope only on the Father, the King of kings and Lord of Lords affirmed that it is only in Him that they can find succor. The Holy Father reminded them that putting your trust in man will always lead to disappointment but God never fails His faithful elects. The King Immortal further assured them that all He had promised them would definitely come to fulfillment.

Thank You, Father.

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