The Christ Universal Youth Fellowship Choir Akwa Ibom State members cutting their anniversary cake.

Zaknor Urang

The Christ Universal Youth Fellowship Choir in Akwa Ibom State has rounded up the celebration of their forty years of existence in the State.

The event, which ended with the honouring of their past leaders and founding fathers, took place at the State headquarters of BCS, Akwa Ibom State, 25 Ekpenyong Street, Uyo.

The Chairman of the body, Divine Vanguard Christiana Umanah, in her keynote address and appreciation, expressed gratitude over the cordial relationship and bond enjoyed in the past four decades by the Fellowship and BCS Akwa Ibom State as a whole.

She listed some of the achievements of the body, as well as activities and blueprints for the upcoming year in retrospect. According to her, the Fellowship, whose activities cut across singing, evangelism, and humanitarian services, has been one of the functional and supportive Fellowships to the State and BCS as a whole.

She noted that the Fellowship, in its drive to tackle unemployment amongst itself, has ventured into skill acquisition programs, empowerment, and training in diverse vocations. She added that soft loans are given to some of her active members as small and medium grants. DV Christiana Umanah also said that the State is a pivotal arm of the Fellowship in Akwa Ibom State, and has, over time, garnered support for the international in various events and occasions.

Christ Ambassador Godwin Edet, the Chairman of the day, who was also an honoree, expressed satisfaction over the impressive feat of the Fellowship. He thus prayed to the Father for more grace to excel further.

The well-attended event had the International Chairman of the Christ Universal Youth Fellowship, Christ Ambassador Ifiokabasi, Udo in attendance. Ifiokabasi extolled the leadership qualities of the incumbent administration and confirmed that the State Fellowship choir has been contributive to the administration of the International body whenever called upon.

Others who attended the event were the State Administrator of BCS Rivers State, PCS Sokipriye Wokoma, and his entourage; the former BCS Akwa Ibom State Administrator and his successor, Archbishop Archibong Archibong, and Archbishop Samuel Udondian; as well as other well-meaning individuals within the State and outside.

The forty-year-old choir, an offshoot of the then IYF, Akwa State Chapter, was formed in 1982. The motive was to support the administrative arm of the body chorally. Today, its membership is spread across the Areas and Zones in the State. They are presently in the Super Division, according to the recent ranking of CNCF.

Thank You, Father.

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