COVID-19: Analyst tasks Nigerians on digital skills development

Mr John Adelana, Head, Regulatory Technology, Nigerian Stock Exchange

Sulaimon Alamutu, Lagos

Nigerians must take full responsibility for their self-development in acquiring digital skills.

The Head, Regulatory Technology at the Nigerian Stock Exchange, Mr John Adelana says this will assist them in taking advantage of the emerging roles and jobs that will be created from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Adelana stated this at a webinar organised by a digital consulting firm, Content Bunch Limited in Lagos.

He explained that the pandemic has a huge negative impact but there are also opportunities individuals and businesses must not overlook.

Discussing “Covid-19: Impact and Opportunities,” Adelana said humanity had experienced different pandemics like chickenpox and tuberculosis but noted that Covid-19 is unique because it is the first outbreak that has caused widespread disruption in this digital age.

Mr Adelana explained that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to global economic crises and an unprecedented slump in oil demand.

He noted that hospitals and healthcare centres have been overwhelmed globally and there has also been an increase in job losses, schools have been closed and social gatherings have been banned to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

He, however, noted that it is not all negatives, as the pandemic has changed the way certain activities are being done across the globe.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has led to decrease in carbon emission and more focus on hygiene. There has been an increase in social support causes, with individuals and businesses adopting digital platforms for remote work and learning.

“Companies like Zoom and Helium Health have benefited immensely from the opportunities in COVID-19 pandemic. Helium Healthcare secured $10M series A funding for helping hospitals to digitize their medical records,” he said.

The Head of NSE Regulatory Technology, therefore, encouraged the participants to be technologically prepared to take advantage of what he called “The New Normal” that will emerge after this crisis.

The organisers of the webinar said it was meant to enlighten the general public on the opportunities in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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