The colossal effect of Covid-19, the new Coronavirus, on all aspects of the world’s economy continues to reverberate through all continents as the inhabitants of the earth watch in shock and disbelieve.

The virus, said to have emanated from the Wuhan Province in the Republic of China, has affected life as the world knew it. Exacerbated by the interconnectivity of humanity, the invisible enemy has reached all parts of the globe and effectively shut down the Airline Industry, tourism, hotels, pubs, gyms, restaurants, and cinemas in most parts of the world and most currently, postponed the Summer Olympic Games.

In contrast to man’s tendency to connect, a new way of life known as social-distancing is now the universal norm. Consequently, to social-distance, schools, churches, Mosques, mass transit, weddings and all manners of celebrations have been banned. People are practically living in self-imposed prisons as mandated by governments around the world, to curb the spread and reduce the death toll of the very virulent coronavirus.

The major Stock Markets such as in New York, Hong Kong, Japan, China, London and all of Europe have crashed to levels not seen since the great depression in the 1930s, and the experts tell us, the worst is yet to come. Trillions of dollars wiped out in a flash by the worldwide effects of a single invisible virus.

As we write, the coronavirus has infected over 486,702 people and killed about 22,000 people worldwide.  Curiously, it began by ravaging the very ‘powerful’ nations of the world and is now being transmitted through the developing nations unabated. From China and the Eastern Nations to the Nations in Europe, the United States, the Americas, Canada, Australia, Africa, and the Middle East, the rapid spread of the coronavirus has not been stopped. No nation has succeeded with an entry deterrent of the virus or an exit plan from the effects of the virus. 

It is astonishing to watch ‘great’ Nations, famed for nuclear weapons, short and long-range missiles, cutting edge science and technology, serial foray into the moon and with Satellites that access all corners of the earth; helpless, defenseless, scared, and running helter-skelter to contain just one invisible virus from devouring everyone.

The uselessness and futility of all the amassed weapons of mass destruction to defend their nations and citizens from death are, embarrassingly, exposed. How you secure your house and life with state-of-the-arts weapons and make it impregnable to all perceived enemies yet a tiny virus so easily saunters in and destroys your whole family is, to say the least, perplexing and a huge revelation of our vulnerability and foolishness.

This is where the wisdom of God totally surpasses the so-called wisdom of man. How come nations who appropriated the title ‘Super Powers’ to themselves are now groping on their knees, desperate and trying one measure after the other to survive the coronavirus plague? Who is the real Super Power?  Pictures are surfacing all over the internet of soldiers, well-kitted in their combat gears and guns, kneeling to worship the God almighty; security personnel, scared doctors and nurses and all those who hitherto believed themselves to be invincible are all calling on a higher power, which they hitherto did not reckon with, having been failed by all the armaments, knowledge and power they thought could protect them.

The Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, who is dwelling on earth with man, in His series of lectures as recorded in the Everlasting Gospel of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has revealed to mankind that all the creations of God are His angels and these include fire, water, thunder, microbes, leaves, etc. In essence, therefore, there are billions of God’s creation that populate the earth and consequently, billions of angels. Only one of these angels, the coronavirus, is on the stage right now and the whole world and all its advancements and inventions are brutally humbled, who then is the real SUPERPOWER?

Mankind must return to his senses and realise that we do not exist, as the repository of all power, all knowledge, all armaments, and all authority is the one true and Living God who has manifested on earth to dwell with man in this last era as recorded in Daniel 2:44.

The indivisible One, that embodies the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is on earth personified in His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the Returned Christ, unto whom all honour, all power, all praises, and all reverence must be accorded for mankind to have, the much yearned for, everlasting peace.

We must all realise that though God is love, He is also a consuming fire and must be feared.  With a simple pronouncement from the Lord of the new age, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the plague of the coronavirus will disappear. In the realization of our emptiness and helplessness as revealed by the scourge of a single virus, we are to surrender ourselves, governments and nations to Him and seek His divine protection and we will be restored again.

It is, therefore, distinctly apparent to all that God is the only Unchallengeable Superpower and the coronavirus has irrefutably revealed His Incontrovertible Superiority.

Thank You Good Father.

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