Ememobong Umoren

Led by the Administrator, Bishop-Elect Anthony Etim, members of the Umuahia Central Bethel visited the Holy Father in His Holy Vestry at the BCS WHQ, Calabar, in a gesture of appreciative as well as to render accounts to their Lord and Master.

Narrating the Bethel’s progress to the King Supreme, BE Etim stated that the Bethel, whose numerical strength stands at 247, conducts regular meetings of the General Fellowship and the Enlarged EXCO of the Bethel. He also reported that Tithes and Pentecostal proceeds are regularly remitted to the BCS World Headquarters as at when due.

Umuahia Central Bethel is also not lagging in terms of the welfare of their members as they have made interventions for bereaved members, eye surgeries for two sisters as well as the overall welfare of the posted Priest, TCW Jude Uzowanne , the Administrator recounted. He pleaded with the Father to improve their financial status so that his Priest’ stipends can be improved as well.

House to House ministrations, supervised by the Director of Evangelism and the priest, has been the Bethel’s strategy on evangelism and this has yielded 34 baptisms of very serious converts in the year 2019

To manage as well as forestall disagreement amongst members, He thanked the Father for the peace committee set up by the Team of Olumba Special Squad (OSS) in the Bethel. “With the Committee in place, disputes amongst members have been amicably settled as we now live as children of the same parent” BE Etim further disclosed.

The administrator equally enumerated the projects already carried out and those still in the process to include the procurement of a public address system by the bethel CNCF, fixing of baluster rails at the staircase and top floor by the Bethel Men’s Fellowship and the kitchen project under construction by the Women’s Fellowship. He further added that, by the grace of the Holy Father, a handful of marriages have been blessed in the Bethel.

Presenting their constraints to the Father, BE Etim regretted the fact that the building of the Bethel, which started in 2004, has remained uncompleted to date adding that the Bethel remains the Area Headquarters of Umuahia/Isialangwa North and is even supposed to be BCS Abia State Headquarters as well. He prayed to the Supreme Being to empower the brethren in Umuahia Central Bethel and Abia State generally to complete the Cathedral to His eternal glory.

The King of kings and the Lord of lords, in His response, told them to be decisive in their Faith in Him as the Author and finisher of their faith. The Holy Father revealed that many of them still encounter problems because of their shaky stance for a double-minded man never receives Favour from God. In His benevolence, He told them to demand three things from Him and await the fulfillment.

Thank you Good Father.

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