THE HEAVENLY FATHER REVEALS THE 12 POWERS OF MAN …Assures His Elects of Supernatural Transition


Ememobong Umoren

Saddled with the capabilities to transition man to perfection, The Lord of Righteousness, and custodian of Celestial mysteries, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has announced the 12 powers of man and revealed how it facilitates acceptance into the Kingdom of God.

In His Address during the Unveiling of the Tabernacle of God, The Mega Event for the year, He divulged that “on the Grand finale of the Celebration, I, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of man will replace your sins and weaknesses  placed in the ark of the Holy Spirit with the 12 powers of man which are the foundations unto spiritual perfection. The 12 powers of man which I will implant in you, are the righteous virtues originally inherent in man when he was created in my image and likeness but was cut off when man disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden”.

He continued: “Today since all things have been made anew, I the king of Kings and Lord of Lord’s and Supreme Judge over all Creations release unto all elects of God the 12 powers of man.  They are: The Power of Wisdom; the Power of Faith; The Power of Love; the Power of Obedience; The Power of Patience; the Power of Kindness; the Power of Peace; the Power of Meekness (humility); the Power of Self-control; the Power of truth; the Power of Forgiveness; and the Power of Holiness”

The Holy Father further revealed that He shall also present unto the children of God 12 special fruits for divine healing and empowerment fulfilling the scriptures as recorded in the book of revelation 22:1-2.

He vowed to reward every man accordingly as He has called all unto Himself for a divine purpose and because He has called us into the Kingdom, He will never let us perish or go empty-handed.

The revelation was handed down at the World Headquarters of the BCS at 34 Ambo Street, Calabar recently.

Thank You Good Father!!!

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