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Despite countless reports of the fatal impacts of the new coronavirus spreading like wildfire and infecting hundreds of thousands of people and leaving scores of others dead by the day, members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star have been assured of spiritual immunity to the deadly virus.

On several occasions, the Leader of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has declared that none of His children shall test positive to the virus. Addressing members of the Universal Children’s Fellowship at the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star World Headquarters in Calabar, during the grand finale of the Fellowship’s 2020 Anniversary celebration, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu declared that His faithful children, being redeemed from the world, shall not be infected by the virus or die as a result of any extreme condition the pandemic is currently inflicting on people across the world.    

Revealing further His personality, the King of kings and Lord of lords said members of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star are children of God and citizens of His eternal Kingdom meant to inherit the earth, and as such, have been protected against any kind of plague the world may suffer including the recent coronavirus outbreak.

“My children, you have every reason to celebrate and amplify His praises because the One speaking to your Spirits right now is He who wrought the miracles through the prophets and apostles of old. He is the same God who made the universe and declared the earth, a dwelling place that must be inherited by the meek and humble children of the Most High God. Therefore, as much as the prophecies concerning mankind and his world at this moment in time are fulfilling; presenting the earth dwellers with innumerable and unimaginable challenges that defy all known mortal knowledge, I am reassuring the world that My own children in My Holy Tabernacle, adopted by My Father, and blessed from above shall not be affected by any of these ills.”

He maintained that all those called by Him and have demonstrated faith in Him shall not be infected with the virus so long as they continue to practice His divine teachings. In His words: “Let the world and the inhabitants of this planet hear Me again as I declare from this glorious and unshakable Throne of The Everlasting God, that none of My children, called by Me, anointed unto eternal redemption, sealed with My Divine seal and confirmed as citizens of the New Kingdom of God shall perish from the current global deadly virus or any other plagues that may ravage mankind even in the days to come.”

Further speaking, the Supreme Father affirmed: “My children shall not suffer the ills of a sinful world because they, having followed Me, are not of this world. And even though they live in this world, I had in My great wisdom and in the might of My power, confirmed them as Powerful and Indestructible. Thus, they are protected against all forms of peril having been received by My Father into the arms of My Mercy. In quiet confidence shall My children continue to majestically traverse the lands.”

In specific terms, the Infallible Holy Father said He has granted the prayers of all His children asking for mercy and grace at this point in time, adding that He has used the children’s anniversary to protect all His children across the world from the impacts of Covid-19. “Beloved children of Olumba Olumba Obu, as a Merciful Father, I have heard all your prayers concerning the shattering situation of the world at the moment orchestrated by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. As such, because of the gathering of My little children here for this event, the prayers, songs, and jubilation by My children this Week, I have released more angels to protect and keep My children safe from the scourge of the Coronavirus……. Though the world may die in their hundreds of thousands from outbreaks of global pandemics of any nature, My children shall continue to move freely and unharmed.”

The Heavenly Monarch and Divine Lord, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, while delivering a  Sunday sermon recently at the World Headquarters of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, 34 Ambo Street, Calabar, Nigeria, reiterated His earlier pronouncement concerning the deadly coronavirus.

The King of kings and Lord of lords, speaking from His throne, admonished all His children across the world to distance themselves from evil and all sorts of atrocities so as not to be infected by the virus. “All My children who shall do away with evil but love and forgive one another shall be saved. Coronavirus shall not see My true children because they keep My words. The Father is always there to protect His children”, the Supreme Lord assured. He warned against the eating of meat and fish, adding that the Kingdom of God is not in meat and drink but by putting into practice, the words of God.

It would be recalled that this is not the first time the Holy Father is pronouncing immunity upon the  Brotherhood of the cross and Star members over global and regional health challenges such as this.

In 2014 through 2017 during the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa where thousands were killed, the Holy Father had decreed that no BCS member shall be infected. Indeed, the virus was contained with no member of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star contracting the virus though so many members had close calls with the epidemic in the West of Africa.

The Novel Coronavirus disease, (Covid-19) is a viral infection that manifests severe acute respiratory difficulties. Its first outbreak was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Hubei in December 2019 after it is said to have surfaced in a Chinese seafood and poultry market. 

With the Chinese government’s inability to contain the virus in December 2019, the virus has been transmitted to almost all the countries of the world. Following this development, the World Health Organisation declared Covid-19 a global pandemic on March 11, 2019.

As at the time of writing this report, global cases of Covid-19 are soaring astronomically with more than 486,702 cases reported in over 190 countries and territories; and more than 22,000 deaths.

Since its declaration as a global pandemic, without a vaccine or cure at the moment, the outbreak of the virus has led to several socioeconomic disorders. Governments across the world are imposing travel restrictions and closure of non-essential businesses in an effort to contain its spread.

Other measures include social distancing, closure of public gatherings including churches, cancellation of major social and sporting events such as the Olympics, football events, racing, basketball, concerts, and many others.

In Nigeria, about 51 cases of coronavirus have been reported, forcing the Federal and State governments to implement lockdown of universities and schools as well as place a ban on religious gatherings of over 50 participants as announced in Lagos State.

Coronaviruses are spread through being in proximity to an infected person and inhaling droplets generated when they cough or sneeze, or touching one’s face after contact with a surface where droplets had been exposed.

Thank you Good Father!!!

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