Ememobong Umoren

Choristers from the Cradle Bethel in Eton, in reverence, marched into the Holy Vestry on a special visit of gratitude to the Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, the Lord of the New Age.

In her report, Sister Oluchi Haruna, the Chairman of the Choir, expressed the collective gratitude of all the members of the Choir to the Holy Father for His love for them, provision, sustenance and impenetrable protection in spite of their many shortcomings. She averred that such a privilege to be called to serve the God Almighty is one they can never afford to toy with.

She equally thanked the King Immortal for assigning DV Joseph Williams to the Bethel to groom them spiritually affirming that the presence of the Holy Father in him has encouraged choristers that had, hitherto, slowed down to be reenergized.

Sister Oluchi also thanked the Holy Father in Christ Ambassasor Ekeng Henshaw who has over the years been a support for the choristers even as she expressed the Choir’s appreciation for his promotion.

She further reported their progress in other aspects such as the welfare of their members which is pivotal in their administration even as she appealed to the Holy Father to improve their finances and upgrade them to a higher division in the choir grading.

Oluchi finally expressed her optimism that through the visit, many positive changes will be effected in their destinies, individually and collectively.

The Supreme Father in response, blessed them and vowed to effect a positive turnaround in their various endeavors.

Thank You Holy Father!!!

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