Time was when the Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, in the primary years of the Kingdom with just a handful of mostly indigent members, declared that the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star will expand worldwide and will be a haven to millionaires and billionaires. The declaration was received with skepticism, and even outright derision, by some of the brethren.

Notwithstanding, today, the growth of the organization is  obvious for even the most vicious critique to acknowledge. The Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is established in several nations of the world with more than 2000 branches in Nigeria alone and is an organization that boasts of millions of followers from all walks of life.

Consequently, the administration of the organization has evolved from managing just a handful of people in less than ten branches/bethels, to administering millions of people in diverse locations all over the world.

The need, therefore, to coordinate the complex and interwoven operations of the different Pews, Priesthood bodies, bethels, States, Nations, and the Fellowships in the Kingdom in correlation with the Calendared activities and the desire and directives from the Supreme Father, is greatly amplified.

In a Kingdom where spiritual coordination and administration is impeccable, as can be testified to by legions of members and even some non-members, the capacity for the physical administration of internal operations within the BCS as well as external operations and linkages with other structures such as with Governments and other bodies, must be greatly enhanced beyond our present status.

For the internal operations, there must be a synchronization as well as a synergy between bethels, Zones, Areas, States, National, and International administration to maximize outcomes according to the BCS policy direction and primary objectives.

The primary objective for the manifestation of the God Head on earth cannot be allowed to be eclipsed in the behemoth of activities, some of which are, inadvertently, in contrast with the fundamental goals of the Kingdom.


It is for this reason that the  International Retreat is a germane and most welcome development. As the membership of the BCS continues to increase exponentially, it is critical for processes to be clearly defined and streamlined. We believe that the communique from the dialogue during this retreat will distill, articulate and benchmark the processes and practices that are best suited for this very unique organization ruled with love.


More importantly, being a program initiated by the Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu Himself, we presume that there is an agenda He intends to unveil during the Retreat that will reposition the general administration of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star as we enter a new decade with its attendant challenges and opportunities.

Secondly, having been instigated by God Himself, it is indeed the most appropriate time for it, spiritually and physically. Accordingly, all enabling Spirits to intellectually, financially, emotionally and spiritually carry out these tasks as desired by the Holy Father will definitely be lavishly available to all the administrators/Priests who will participate in this propitious Retreat.

Consequently, it behooves on the distinguished participants to accord this exercise the ultimate prominence it deserves as the exercise is quite close to the Holy Father’s heart. Tardiness and distractions must totally be jettisoned during this hallowed exercise while complete concentration and self-application should be embraced.

As stated by the Holy Father in His New Year Speech to all Creation “My children, having celebrated the years of the Ancient of Days, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and that of the Heavenly Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu respectively in 2018 and 2019, it is important that we celebrate 2020 as the year of the Holy Spirit. This is why the ‘Tabernacle of God’ has been revealed unto the earth dwellers as the BCS Mega event for the year 2020 to consolidate the establishment of the dwelling place of the Blessed Trinity amongst men. This calls for rejoicing and a renewed commitment from all and sundry so that the blessings of the Holy Spirit might be made rich in all His children, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

In consolidating the establishment of the dwelling place of God and with renewed commitment as detailed by the Holy Father, contemporary practices in the physical administration of BCS, in sync with the Holy Father’s policies and directives, is a requisite.

Thank You Good Father!!!

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