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As the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star faithful countdown to the post-centenary celebration of the Ancient of Days, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, on planet earth, all formations recently held a pre-service in His Honour prelude to the Celebration slated for the 30th day of December 2019.

As gathered by the New Kingdom Trumpet Newspaper, the pre-service was held at various Pentecostal Centers across the globe including the BCS World Headquarters.

 At the Headquarters, the King of kings and Lord of lords, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, conducted the impactful service where He admonished the faithful to emulate the teachings and lifestyle of the Supreme Deity.

In His sermon, the Supreme Monarch told His adherents that as good students, we should be able to imbibe the teachings of our Teacher and strive to display all His attributes. He further added that the mission of the Holy Father is to come and teach man – a task He has accomplished despite all odds against Him by the world.

Citing love as the core lifestyle of Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the Supreme Being further informed that He is able to rule and conquer the world because of Love. Love is pure and it the strongest weapon we can use to conquer every obstacle, He revealed.

He maintained that with a show of love in every activity of man, the world’s yearning for peace will be curtailed.  “If we all love ourselves, who will think of wasting his or her time to produce missiles, bombs and other deadly weapons to eliminate others? When we come to the consciousness that we are all one, nobody will ever think of harming the other. We will all live in peace” He reiterated. He then urged members to always follow His blueprint and stand to be blessed immeasurably.

On the essence of the post centenary celebration, the Universal Leader pointed out to brethren that it is the celebration that will begin another milestone in the existence of God on earth. He, therefore, called on the organizers and BCS members as a whole to ensure that effective publicity is accorded to the event.

At the United Kingdom where brethren worshipped at the Elephant and Castle Cathedral, the conducting Priest, Christ Ambassador Vena Obukohwo, told members that the greatest one who ever walked upon the surface of the earth, for a century now, is worthy to be celebrated by all angels and men. He added that as the BCS celebrates Him, they should also reflect on His virtues with a view to emulating Him, which according to Him, is most important.

In Akwa Ibom, the service which was held at the State’s Headquarters, 25 Ekpenyong Street in Uyo was attended by several members who gathered at the worship edifice for the pre-service ceremony.

CA Ekpe James conducting the pre-service

Christ Ambassador Ekpe James, who conducted the service, advised members to remain steadfast in their belief and trust the Holy one who has come to comfort mankind in this last dispensation. He urged all and sundry to emulate the virtues of the Supernatural Teacher for our salvation.  

The Northern part of Nigeria was not left out as the pre-celebration was also staged there. The celebration at the Samaru Pentecostal Centre in Kaduna was conducted by Christ Ambassador Effiong John where the Holy Father’s Mandate was read to the brethren and a pre-celebration cake was cut in honour of the Ancient of Days.

The highpoint of the events was the visit to the Manger, reading of the Holy Father’s Mandate to the hearing of everyone by the officiating priest and as well as the cutting of the pre-celebration cake.

The main event is billed to take place at the BCS World Headquarters 34, Ambo street Calabar, Cross River State of Nigeria from the 23rd through 30th of December 2019 with interesting activities in the itinerary such as the Maiden Public Lecture which will take place on the 26th of December at Transcorp Hotels, Calabar with distinguish personalities within and outside the BCS as guest speakers.

Thank You Father!!!

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