Turkish Minor Seen Smoking at Football Stadium Turns Out to Be 36-Year-Old-Man


Viewers of an exhibition match between two major football clubs last Sunday were outraged to see what looked like a child puffing away on a cigarette in the stands. However, the smoker turned out to be a lot older than he appeared.

During a televised exhibition match between Bursaspor and Fenerbahce, two of Turkey’s biggest football clubs, viewers were treated to some disturbing-looking scenes. As the reporter interviewed someone on the pitch while the players were warming up, the cameras jumped to a couple of young Bursa fans in the stands, one of whom was eagerly puffing on a tobacco cigarettes. Everyone was outraged, and the short clip spread on social media like wildfire.

At first glance, the people’s outrage seems justified. A kid surrounded by grownups puffing on a cigarette like a pro isn’t something you expect to see in a civilized country in 2019. Only the kid is apparently much older than everyone thought. I don’t know if it’s the childish hairdo, his eyes, his short stature or all of the above, but he really looks much older than 36, which is how old he truly is, according to Fenerbahce fan club, Yüreğini Koy Ortaya.

There is even a close-up photo of the “kid”, and he does look much older. His face is wrinkly and he has the gut of an adult man, so he’s definitely as young as the boy sitting next to him, which apparently is his son.

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