Your problem is that you are seeking for carnal things. All those who are in the spirit have no share in the things of the flesh. If you come across any person who laments that he has no relation, you should know that he is in the flesh. If you find someone who says that he has no money, know that he is in the flesh. Any person who says that he has no father or mother is in the flesh and he has not the spirit.

All our problems come from our failure to believe in God.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Food is nothing, money is nothing, clothing and houses are nothing but these Words are everything to you. And when you listen to them, do not joke with them because that is the source of your problems.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“Our only salvation is to hear His Voice and obey it. You profess that you are a Brotherhood but you seduce some other person’s husband, you extort money from people, you fight and quarrel and commit all sorts of sins. Can you not see that you have not practiced the Word of God?” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“If you go about singing and yet you do not refrain from sin, it profits you nothing.

If you go about giving visions but fail to put in effect the words of those visions, it profits you nothing. If you go about preaching and giving testimonies to the work of the Holy Spirit but you fail to put into practice the teachings of the Holy Spirit, it benefits you nothing.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

It is not enough for you to claim that you believe in God, Abstinence from fornication, lying and all other vices is not enough; it’s not even sufficient to sing, dance or pray. Preaching the gospel, going on ministry work and sharing in love feast is not enough. But any day that you realise that all that you have belongs to Cod and that others have a share in them, then all problems will cease in the world.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Right from the moment your eyes become opened to the truth, you will come to the realization that even your very person belongs to God who also owns everything, and then all your problems will be over.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“Do not come here to be healed of your infirmities, do not come here to receive visions and do not come here to receive prayers, but come here with the sole purpose of receiving the words of God and putting them into practice. Believe fervently that no vision can lead you into the Kingdom of God. No dreams can take you into the Kingdom. Preaching cannot take you into the Kingdom. Your money or status cannot take you into the Kingdom. Whatever your position or status, you cannot enter. What is expected is that each of us should tell the truth to one another, no matter the circumstance.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

What you do not see, do not say. What you did not hear, do not relate. What you will not do, do not say that you will. What you promise to do, do that.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu orful Grid

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