All those who hear the word of God and believe in it will realise that wealth is nothing in the sight of God. You regard the gospel as a joke. It is no joke, but the veritable truth. The rich have no share in this Kingdom unless they distribute their abundant wealth to the poor before they can come into this Kingdom.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Why do you cry and lament that you do not have wealth? You are advised that whoever has two shirts should give one to the person who has none in order to enter into this Kingdom. The reason why many of you will not enter into this Kingdom is because you put your hopes in riches.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“There is no sick person who has peace in his life; there is no rich person who is in good health; there is no rich person who enjoys life. And so if you have been thinking that for one to be wealthy means that he is loved by God, forget about that idea. And if you have been thinking that it is those who have money that will inherit this Kingdom that also is erroneous. Whoever loves money, whether a wife or husband or child has no share in this Kingdom. Let us not therefore worship and love money as God.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

All those we are talking about have realised that their wealth and money do not amount to anything and so they give out generously to whoever they come across.

The only salvation for all the inhabitants of the world then is not to have any regard for money but to distribute what they have to provide the necessities of life for the poor.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu �

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