“The children of God do not take court action against any person. Whatever court it may be, whether Customary, District, Magistrate, High, Appeal court or Supreme Court and wherever one is taken for judgement before the shrine, juju, and traditional ruler, it is one and the same thing. The Courts are created for the unbelievers. Whoever takes court action against any person is not a child of God.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“The children of God do not go to court. Whatever misunderstanding or dispute arises among them is settled amicably without external influences. Is there no wise man amongst you who can settle the small misunderstanding that you should report your matter to a thief, murderer, liar, and a wine-bibber?” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“All the courts are created and presided over by Satan. Once you take your brother to court, they will be happy that they have what to eat. I have advised you members of Brotherhood, that whoever reports his brother to the police is not a Brotherhood. Brotherhood neither goes to court nor consult an oracle”. – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“If somebody has offended against you, go to him privately and point out to him how he had wronged you.  lf he does not accept what you have told him, invite two or three persons in addition to yourself and meet him again. If he rejects a committee of two or three, take him to the church as last resort. The church which represents the highest court in the spiritual world can be compared to the Spiritual Council. When you get to the church level and the person still rejects, leave him alone but do not hate him.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“Show me any honest person in the court. The court is an assembly of satanic individuals. Do you not know that the children of God should judge the world? It is the place of the children of God to be commissioners, governors, ministers, prime ministers, presidents, kings and emperors without which no person will live. If God does not rule, if our Lord Jesus Christ does not rule, no other person is fit to rule. It is because He is faithful and true. With the truth He wages war, and with truth He judges”. – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“I am telling you boldly that the children of God will judge the people of the world and the angels. No worldly person judges you again. I am saying this to your shame who are shameless. You litigate before the village council, your mother-in-law, juju, native court, high court and you even invite the police to deal with somebody. It is a shameful thing for the children of God to seek justice before the unbeliever”. – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Whoever professes to be a Christian or a man of God and is found going to unbelievers or to mermaid for any form of litigation his religion is in vain. The Father is in our midst. The doer of truth is in our midst The Truth and the perfect is in our midst. What do you seek after with satan? Have you ever found Satan deciding a case in favour of any human being?” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

The case you had during the time of your ancestors has till today not been decided.

You have sold all the property of the family for the case but no settlement is reached. The other family has sold all the property, some have died, yet the case continues. It is so because of certain persons who continue to instigate the case so as to benefit from it. There is no truth among them, and they are not given the ability to do anything.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“It is not expedient for any person who calls himself a child of God to litigate before the unjust and unbeliever. If you do, you have disgraced God, the creator.”

“Not long from now, there will be no politics. Falsehood and deceit will be things of the past. The children of God will settle disputes in the families, within the household, in the villages, in the governments, and in all the facets of the society. At that time there shall be no more stealing, no courts, no murders. Why, because the truth shall stand out clearly.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

The children of God are no respecter of persons and they do not receive bribe.

Whoever litigates before the judges of the world is a wretch and a reprobate. It is a pathetic situation to find a church member, Reverend, Bishop, Evangelist or Pastor taking court action against another member of the same church denomination. What sort of churches are they?” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

“Hospitals are established for unbelievers, courts are created for Satan. All the laws you find promulgated in the world are for those who do not believe in God. All the police you find in the streets, roads, lanes, and stations are patrolling and guarding against the children of the world and not the children of God. All soldiers who mount guard everywhere are mounting against satan and not the children of God. The children of God do not require any hospital, no penitentiary, no court or police or soldier or penal institutions.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

A great many of you have no respect for the way of God. Yet you are respectful before the native courts, police, courts and judges. But throughout all heaven and earth, it is the presence of God that is most important. Before long, the world will realise that the priest of God is the representative of God on earth. Whoever is sent by God is greater than any earthly king or prime minister or governor, or president or any ruler of any caliber.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Do you think Brotherhood has come to joke? He has come to judge and make peace between the husband and wife, one government and another, one church and the other, one company and the other and in all places.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

Within a short time, there will be no more quarrels or fighting in this world. Why do you leave the church to seek redress in the courts? Where do you leave the church to, you son of perdition? God does not receive any money or drinks from you. There is no charge for ‘straightening the waist’. There is nothing like ‘you are guilty’. Rather His judgement brings you peace, prosperity and love. Let that foolishness cease.” – LeaderOlumba Olumba Obu

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