2019 MAY EDITORIAL – CONSEQUENCES OF MAN’S INSISTENCE ON SELF RULE: The Gradual Collapse of All Systems of Government and the Incremental Decimation of Religions


When man fell out with His Creator due to his disobedience and intransigencies, it effectively terminated the direct rule of God the Creator over man as originally designed by Him. The illuminating light of the Creator departed from him cascading him into darkness where he is still groping, fumbling and tumbling in search of peace, fulfilment and happiness till date.

In his search to establish order and fulfilment, the competition for resources and the emergence of commerce, some sort of government began to evolve. It began with the simplistic organization of consanguineous families into clans, then chiefdoms and has expanded through several modifications to the Monarchies and complex democracies operational in many Nations presently.

Even when God the Creator again tried to rule mankind directly through the Israelites, the people insisted and pressured Prophet Samuel to appoint a King unto them. The scriptures records this in 1 Samuel 8:7

And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

The Creator in His loving kindness directed Prophet Samuel to first of all give the people an insight to what the rulership of a human king will portend. But the people still maintained their stance on having a king appointed unto them. This is recorded in 1 Samuel 8:9

Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.

Surprisingly, after the enumeration of how atrocious the incoming king will be as chronicled in 1 Samuel 8:11-18, they still adamantly requested for a king and the Lord gave them a king. The misery, persecution, torture and hardship faced by the Israelites, till date, are still the offspring of the seeds planted thousands of years ago.

Ever since, the Creator has been in the background as it concerns the government of man but still uses what is available to achieve His purpose as He progressively sets about establishing His Kingdom on earth through which He will directly administer man and his affairs at the appointed time as revealed to Prophet Daniel and several others.

Daniel 2:44 “And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever”.

In God’s typical characteristic of redemptive protective withdrawal, He has allowed man, for thousands of years, to continue in his self-destructive pathway which will inevitably end in self destruction, and inexorably, self-realization. Redemptive protective withdrawal simply means that though He withdraws His protection and ability to stop certain events from happening, His purpose is redemptive. He lets events take its full course for the realization of the folly of that behaviour, and with that realization comes the change and the redemption.

In the absence of God and the love principle, which is the foundation of the universe, man does not yet realise that it is impossible to have any form of sustainable peace, prosperity or justice in any form of government.

Man has tried all sorts of governance systems such as tribalism, Monarchism, feudalism, Colonialism, socialism, communism, despotism, totalitarianism, republicanism, democracy and even theocracy et al  but all have collapsed as there is hardly any Nation, as we write, where the people are totally satisfied with how they are governed.

In Europe for instance, where democratic form of government has been practiced for hundreds of years, things are quickly falling apart as citizens protest against hardship and inclusiveness but are gradually retrogressing to the so-called Nationalism as fear of domination and displacement envelops the people.

In the United States of America, the beacon of Presidential democracy, things are also crumbling as gains of liberalism and inclusiveness garnered over the years are being rolled back by an insecure and spiritually immature leader who would rather hate and encourage racism than promote the virtues of love and freedom for all. An overwhelming percentage of the youths are on hard drugs to fill the void of hopelessness they endure.

In South America, most of the governments in this region are run or propped to power by drug lords who reign and ply their trade freely while the masses suffer and have lost their voices in the excruciating pain of poverty, illiteracy and suppression. Millions have simply packed up and are trekking towards the United States where they believe they can access a better life. Surprisingly, even in the face of such embarrassing mass migrations, the governments of these nations have done nothing significant to change this tide but continue to cling on to power even as their nations disintegrate.

Several nations in Asia are in such poor state that the mass of their citizens have become victims of forced labour, sex trafficking and organs harvesters all over the Middle East, Europe and in the United States of America. In their quest to escape hardship brought about by bad governance in their Country, they have become slaves all over the world.

Africa is the saddest of them all. In the midst of abundance, in terms of all sort of resources (human and mineral) the critical mass are hopeless, poor, sick, uneducated and recruited into Militias to fight unnecessary wars across the continent. The sit-tight authoritarian rulers of some of the African countries have refused to relinquish power even as the nation collapses right under their noses while the people struggle to free themselves from their bondage even at the risk of losing their lives as it is currently playing out right now in Sudan.

The Middle East with its pseudo-theocratic governance systems designed to coerce people into perpetual submission by brandishing the name of God when it suits them (while the elite plunder the people) is also crumbling. The people are beginning to question this ‘god’ who makes rules only for the poor. T            hese questions have been given expression in the many conflicts and terrorism that is thriving in this region. The depth of suppression especially of the young has darkened their souls to a point where the worst cases of depravity and torture is happening in this zone. We have been inundated by the stories of the survivors of some of these terror groups which mirrors the depth of their depravity. We have heard of humans in cages being sold for labour, sex and even organ harvesting. A journalist recently released a story where thousands of people were found in cages with very crude scars where their organs had been harvested and sold and this trade is thriving while the world looks on.

Those who sought solace in religion and its leadership have been roundly disappointed as well by the stench of corruption, greed, lies, rape, sexual slavery, sorcery and wickedness that permeate the very sanctuary where God is supposed to exist and give succor to the oppressed. Most have been victims to unspeakable abuses and still reeling in the pain and shame of it decades after.

The situation is hopeless and the misery worldwide is palpable. Now everyone is looking up to the skies for some sort of miracle that could save them from the bondage of such pain and darkness. Some have concluded that God does not exist, that if He did, He wouldn’t have allowed such evil to be perpetrated for so long. But as someone once said “God is a master at giving evil forces freedom and accomplishing His perfect will through their wickedness and disorder. He does this through redemptive protective withdrawal”.

In God’s omniscience and love, He had already activated His redemptive agenda which is the silent establishment of the Kingdom of God fully in cognizance of the destination of man’s folly in his quest to self-govern without Him, the Creator of the Universe. As man self-destructs, which is inevitable, his consciousness will inch further and he will realise the futility of his years of rebellion against His creator but His creator, who had been waiting for him at the precipice, will usher him into the umbrella of His love once again in the New Kingdom of God which had been silently evolving unknown to most people in the world.

This Kingdom is the New Kingdom of God that Daniel prophesied about which will break into pieces and swallow all other kingdoms. The Nations are crumbling and God almighty, who has manifested in Nigeria, Africa as Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, will salvage the powerful remnants unto Himself and repopulate the world with love, justice, equity and goodness.

The Kingdom of God is diametrically opposed to the governments of this world for as God’s Kingdom expands and evolves, all others will continue to shrink till its final collapse. God again will be seated on His throne, on earth, to direct the affairs of men.

Members of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star should understand and rejoice immeasurably for the amazing grace and privilege of being used as the establishment tools of this emerging, powerful, Undefeatable and infinite Kingdom.

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