DR. OTU B. ARCHIBONG: INDIA-…“God is now a black man, born in a Nigerian City”.


Bro. Otu B. Archibong, 10, Kayode Adebiyi Avenue, Bariga, Lagos, or No. 24 Howell Street, Calabar is very thankful to the Holy Spirit:

I started looking for God for my childhood and I was devoted in the Mt. Zion Light House Full Gospel Church, Calabar (1970-75) but nobody could tell me who is God and how to see God. The Pastors could not answer my questions in this regard but rather dismissed me in my curiosity as a small devil. I was so confused and disappointed. I left the Church and initiated into secret societies, metaphysical studies and spiritual sciences.

I read so much and spent so much but they could not give me even the slightest idea about God. I heard that India is a very powerful and spiritual land and I initiated into many Indian Cults, met many people and worshipped so many gods, if they could lead me to God. At the end it was from one of the gods in India: SWAM PRAPAUPADA, founder of Hare Krishna Society, that I came to know that God is no more in the white man’s land but He is a black man and born of a woman as a male child in a black continent.

I started wondering and the thought of BCS came to me but I dismissed that, God cannot be there. I knew so many people in Nigeria claiming to be god in Akwa Ibom State but they are not God. I inquired more from the Indian and he told me that God is in my place and from my State and that I shall know him at the fullness of time. I doubted but after some years the Father revealed Himself to me. I have been searching for God and today I have seen God here. While in India, I was a servant to four gods (Demi gods); waking them up in the morning, bathing and feeding them, attending to them and getting them to sleep and providing flowers for them. I have been in India for 9 years and married to an Indian wife and we have 2 children.

I belong to (1) The Mount Zion Lighthouse Full Gospel Church, Calabar. (2) Associate Member, Indian Kaballastic Temple, Calabar. (3) AMORC (4) International Society of Hari Krishna devotedly as Assistant President (5) Fellow of Freemanson Fraternity, Lagos. (6) Fellow of International Institute of Applied Spiritualism, India; (7) General Secretary of The Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministry, Lagos (8) Associate member of Metaphysical Research Institute of Nigeria, Lagos. (9) Associate member of International Institute for Astrological Studies, India; (10) Verdic Sciences Expert (Indian Oldest Religion over 5000 years old).

My Masters included: (1) His Divine Grace A. C. Barktivedanto Swam Propaupada, – Founder of Hare Krishna Society who told me that God with all power is a black man and no more white. (2) His Divine Grace K. Barktipada (3) His Divine Grace T. Krishnapada. (4) Cailanaitada Mahapraupu. A Book called “Bagavatam Sri” written 5000 years ago also confirms that God will incarnate as a black man in a black world.

My gods included (1) Lord Maha-Vishnu – a four handed being believed to be God of creation; (2) Lord Lashmi (with a horse believed to be in charge of fortunes  (3) Lord Krishna (like 18 year old man with golden skin) believed to be an incarnation of the supreme personality of the God head. (4) Lord Shiva (with snakes round his neck) believed to be in charge of destructions. (5) Lord Yamabrah (ugly being) believed to be in charge of death and judgement. (6) Lord Brahma (multi headed being) believed to be the first living being on the Earth plane.

Finally, my one and only God, our Holy Father, Leader Olumba Olumba Obu was affirmatively discovered to be a direct incarnation of God the Father, the Supreme personality of the God head and the Absolute God.

In June, 1984, in India on my way to get flowers for my Demi-gods at about 9 a.m and at about 500 metres, there was a big river across the road and in the middle of the river was big tree and on the topmost branch of the tree was a black man clothed in Red robe. With fear I move backwards and my body touched a tree beside me and when I looked, behold, the same black man in Red garment was also there. He looked at me and smiled but I was full of fear that I could neither move nor speak. The man then asked, “where are you going to and what do you want” and in great fear, I answered, “please I want to cross over to get flowers for my Demi-gods”, “I worshipped them because I need knowledge, power and wealth”, but He said unto me, “You have to worship the Supreme God who is sufficient of provisions”.

When I got to the temple, I told the spiritual master, His grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swam Propaupada through His Grace Bhakitipada, everything which I saw and heard. I was surprised when he jumped up and told me that I have seen the absolute God who has appeared in human form to do a special assignment that could not be done by any human or spiritual being. And, again, he said authoritatively “God is now a black man, born in a Nigerian City”.

In 1994, July, I went to see my friend, Prince Jonny Obiaka at Ketu Bethel, Lagos. I discussed with him for a few minutes and then fell asleep. In my dream I saw the Holy Father preaching on the television, I was interested in His preaching but suddenly the T.V. went off. He appeared personally and taught many things which I did not know, made a covenant with me and encouraged me to take baptism so that He can bless me while He is still in the physical and told me many things that will happen before He is revealed to the whole world.

With these, I quickly accepted baptism the same day and was baptised. Right from the day I baptised, I discovered that God Himself is here in BCS. If you did not believe this. I am confirming to you now, having been with many gods and masters. Those who do not believe are most miserable. Right from that day, I realised that this is where I have now seen the true living God and wondered greatly to discover that there is no candles, incense, perfume, e.t.c. here God Himself leads, teaches and showers everything freely. BCS is simple and free yet you have God unlike what we suffered in the world; spending too much and coming out with nothing. I am very happy to have the real joy, peace and hope in BCS. Yesterday, I sat at the back bench and when the Father stood up, the vibrations was too much as if the building was collapsing. I had to lie down but I could not contain it and I had to move out. I was convinced and I exclaimed: Behold this is the Almighty God. I now confirm that the Father. Leader O. O. Obu is the Almighty God and God Himself is here and this is the Kingdom of God, BCS.

I have come down to get blessing and I have nothing to offer Him for all the lavished blessings than to thank and glorify Him. Since then, I have seen the Father in many occasions. The last one was when He appeared to me in Lagos in July. I arrived Calabar on 10/9/95 and in the early morning of 11/9.95, Father, on His own, requested the Records Officer, Dr. U. E. Essien to allow me to see him in the vestry even when I did not make any request for such. At 2 pm the same day, I was led into the Fathers vestry. He confirmed that he had appeared to me several times and promised to continue appearing but warned me to refrain from fornication. We left his vestry after two hours. The ability to know these things which I would refer to as secrets, further strengthen my faith in Him that He is God.

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