PRINCE JARDAKEY: BANGALORE- …and I Surrendered the Ancestral Supreme Temple to the Supreme Power


The Bangalores in India are the ancestral fathers of Hinduism. Hinduism is the highest tradition, religion and the government of the people in India, especially in Bangalore. They, therefore, have neither time nor room for any other religion. The Family of Jardakey are the ancestral controllers of the ancient temple of Hinduism who claim that Jesus, even came to learn from them. The family is also the richest with their Hindu Machines Tools Factory, supplying products and industrial machines and providing training to the world. The father of Jardakey who is the President of HMT and the Ancestral Supreme Controller of Ancient Temple of Hinduism died bequeathing it to his son, Prince Jardakey. They did not like BCS even though they accepted OOO and would have nothing to do with Jesus. Eventually, Prince Jardakey was paralysed and was taken out to many powerful places and brought back in a hopeless state.

A BCS child Bro. Otu, by inspiration went and told him of the Holy Spirit with whom everything is possible and who alone could solve his problems and advised him that it was the fullness of time for him to serve the Holy Spirit. They accepted and decided to try the Holy Spirit in BCS and he went into the innermost chamber of his temple and came out immediately to accept baptism and nobody knew what transpired. He was healed immediately after the baptism in BCS. As he came inside the bethel and saw the picture of the Father he pointed at the Father’s picture and confessed: This picture you put there, this picture you put there, this picture you put there, this picture you put there, as I was going into my temple to project into BCS, He appeared to me and ordered me to go back and baptize immediately and the command was too powerful and forceful that I could not resist such a supreme power. I immediately submitted and came out to baptize. I became healed and normal immediately after baptism”.

Seeing the goodness of the Father, he surrendered the ancestral supreme temple to the Supreme Power and BCS children went in and destroyed the temple and extended the room which now serves as the full bethel of BCS in Bangalore (twenty five) 25 fundamental Hinduists of innermost temple readily baptised along with him and now there are over 250 members baptised within a year, as at 18/11/95. He has been appointed the L/R in Bangalore and OOO has taken over this region of India.

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