Children of the Living God, standing on the Throne above all thrones, I bring unto you all from the divine assembly of heavens, the everlasting Peace of the Prince of peace, the ceaseless Blessings of the Ancient of Days, divine Joy, Kingdom authority and the precious gift of Salvation in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I accord all thanks, glory and honour to the Sole Spiritual Head of the Universe who by His unmatched wisdom did the beautiful works of creation. By His Mercy, He sent His only begotten Son to die for the remission of the sins of man and through His Supreme Power and Wisdom, He established His glorious kingdom amongst men and perfected His will on earth.  I adore His Holy Name for bringing into the world again, His only Begotten Son of Righteousness to be seen by the earthmen not as the man of the cross  but as The King of kings and Lord of lords unto whom all powers in Heaven and on earth resides. The Only One Worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof and read its contents.

Distinguished Children of the Living God, I desire not to leave you in the dark concerning the unfolding spiritual events taking place unknown to the world. Today, it has pleased the Great Ancient of Days, the Custodian of the Heavenly Mysteries, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu that I open yet another Seal and reveal its content to the Human Family.  First to you My chosen people and to the people of the world.  Earlier in My address, I called on all the creations of God to come and witness the unfolding of the heavenly scroll and to open another seal by Me the Holy Lamb of God in this year of the King of kings and Lord of lords. Today, the Council Chambers of Heaven has counted the times and considered it appropriate that man be ushered into divine wisdom and understanding of some of the happenings of Eternity.

Therefore, Let the inhabitants of the earth hear Me and let the Heavens obey Me, I am lifting up My voice up unto the entire Universe for the Hour has come that the Glory of God be revealed upon the earth. The hour of Liberation upon My Children has come. Let the earth remain in perfect silence, for the Hour of the Dominion of the Son of God is now, Let the congregation of men and Host of heaven lift their voices for the Hour of Praise Has Come. Let those denied Justice rejoice for the Time of Perfect Justice has come. Let the sons of men rejoice for Love Divine has manifested on earth. Let the saints shout Hosanna seven times… for you have been redeemed by Grace. Let the kings and lords of this world bow their knees for the Dominion of the Kingdom of God has been established on earth. Let all powers and principalities be subject to the Throne of the Ancient of Days for all Powers in heaven and on earth has been given unto the Son of Man, Son of God and God Himself. And as I stand amidst

the Great Throne of the Almighty, the Spirit of the Ancient of Days is upon Me. At this moment, thousands and myriads of angels are bowing before My heavenly Throne, for behold, it was written after this time that the hidden things concerning the later days will be revealed to mankind in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My children, this is the Throne of God and it shall reign forever and ever more!  That is why having seen the Father and His glorious throne, in the Isle of Patmos, Saint John the divine saw a scroll held in the Father’s hand and which was further handed down to The redeeming Lamb who in this time has taken it, and has open the seals in turns, thereby initiating God’s judgment and the reclamation of the earth in preparation for God’s finale take-over of the earth.  As children of this kingdom, you have all witnessed the many events unfolding. Their significance are quite instructive concerning the revelation of the manifold mysteries that I, the Son of God and God Himself has come to unravel on earth.

At the dawn of this millennium, The Supreme Father and Keeper of Brotherhood Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu began the process of pointing mankind to the direction of the New World under the Supreme Leadership of the Son of Man.

From the physical investiture, revelation and final coronation of the Holy Lamb of God as the King of kings and Lord of lords; the celebration of the Eternal Dominion of God which brought to an end the many attempts of the agents of darkness to obstruct the manifestation and supremacy of the King’s scepter as well as His sovereignty; the divine anointing and sealing of the faithful of the immortal Christ with the seal of the Living God vis-à-vis the establishment of their ancestral relationship with the twelve tribes of Israel redeemed from the hands of Pharaoh and brought alive into Canaan amidst the travails in the wilderness; the Overcomers Convention during which the Redeemer proclaimed to the inhabitants of the earth, the full  redemption of His

people from  persecutions and tribulations of this world,  to the ABBA Father universal event which was a declaration of My chosen children as citizens of My eternal kingdom born with the full authority to proclaim the sacred Name ABBA  FATHER!!

In that event, the heavens began unfolding the glory of The King of kings and Lord of lords to the earth men with a particular attention to His kingship and the supremacy of His throne over all other thrones, thus, bringing into man’s close observation, the casting of thrones and worshiping of the Holy Son of God by the twenty and four elders whom He has selected to judge the twelve tribes of Israel as revealed to John the divine in the book of Revelation chapter 4:4-11.

My Judgment is not to condemn My people but to justify and sanctify you. My Judgment is to set the captives free and liberate the oppressed. Having justified you this day, it is My pleasure that I usher you to sit with Me on My Glorious Throne as I did promise in the book of Mathew 19:28 ‘And Jesus said unto them, verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed Me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His Glory, ye also shall sit in twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.’

Early this year, I told you that the Centenary Celebration of The Ancient of Days, Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu expunged all your sins and iniquities. You were ushered into the year 2019 without sin for if The Son set you free, you are free for ever and ever in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I Am the Creator that was never created, The Beginning and the End, the First and The Last, let the earth dwellers be in reverence, behold! Salvation has come, Today it is heaven’s pleasure to reveal BCS 2019 MEGA EVENT tagged: HEAVENLY FATHER with the Theme: THY THRONE OH GOD IS FOR EVER – Hebrew 1:8 Celebration of the Divine Manifestation of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu, The

King of kings and Lord of lords.


King of kings (crowd echoes-Heavenly Father)

Lord of lords (crowd echoes-Heavenly Father)

Heavenly Father (crowd echoes- Thy Throne Oh God is forever and ever 7x)

The event creed is The Lord’s Prayer as contained in St. Mathew 6:9-13.

DATE: 18th – 24th November, 2019

May you all rise and sing the Event Song…. I have a Father, Almighty Father, He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, I have a Father.

The one standing Mightily in your midst right now is the same God who flung the universe into existence for the man He created. He is the One who wiped out an entire civilization during Noah’s day. He is that same God who with one stroke of His hand, Sodom and Gomorrah was devastated. The most powerful Army in Egypt, was totally annihilated in the Red Sea by Him. He is the Conquering Lion of Judah. The Omnipotent God who was, who is now and who shall ever reign in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

My Dear Children, because My Father and Your Father has made you worthy to reign with Me in His Glory, He has authorized that I unveil unto you one of the greatest mysteries which will consolidate your blessings and salvation.

Our God operates with time and at His time, He makes everything beautiful. No matter the condition or state of your life, once it is His time, He makes everything perfect and beautiful. Today, The Great God of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star has risen in full glory, majesty and power to institute the twelve Thrones of God in His Kingdom. 

The hour has come, the hour is now, may I hear you echo a thunderous halleluiah seven times……

Echo a thunderous hosanna seven times…….. Also echo a thunderous Amen seven times.

By the irrevocable authority of the Ancient of days, it is heaven’s pleasure that I reveal and institute The Twelve Heavenly Thrones in My New Kingdom;

1.         The Throne of Sovereignty and


2.         The Throne of Power and Authority

3.         The Throne of Purity

4.         The Throne of Majesty and Honour

Nations. Brethren are expected to be on fasting and purify themselves before partaking in the exercise in their respective States/Nation.

As your Loving and caring Father, I wish to state emphatically that any child of this Kingdom that does not identify himself or herself with the Twelve Thrones have no part with Me neither will such have a place in My Kingdom. Even the children in the womb must identify their Thrones.  Our Lord Jesus Christ said ‘if ye love me, keep my Commandment. I, The King of kings and Lord of lords is saying to you that if you love yourself, keep this Commandment and it shall be well with you in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

                                                              The Event Calendar is as follows:

The Heavenly Father Event shall feature; The Feast of Passover, The Feast of The Unleavened Bread, The Day of Atonement/Intercessory Prayers and The Night with the Guiding Star. The 22nd November, 2019 will witness The Feast of Tabernacle (That is The Royal Banquet)

It is My delight and great joy that I will be decorating and inducting One Thousand (1,000) of My children into the Council of Nobles, a highly revered honour I have kept for My children before the foundation of the world was laid. It is only those who truly love the Father and show it in practice that will be inducted.  The official induction comes up on the 29th of June, 2019. Stand up and be counted in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is My pleasure to confirm the Central Organizing Committee Members and the Sub-Committee heads, they are as follows:


1.            The Patriarch Christ  Shepherd Bassey

                Imowo  – Chairman

2.            Christ  Ambassador Tari  Okorotie                             – Co-Chairman

3.            Christ  Ambassador  Richard Effiong                         – Secretary

4.            Christ Ambassador Winifred Okafor                         – Assist. Secretary

5.            Christ  Ambassador  Mike Ntuk                                   – Liaison Officer 

                (Event Directorate)

6.            Archbishop (Hon. Justice) Archibong

                Archibong            – Member

7.            Bishop Usen Umoh – Member

8.            Her Eminence Patience (Anne)  Olwora                  – Member

9.            Christ  Shepherd  Ibinabo Michael-West

                – Member

10.          Archbishop B. W. Degi    – Adviser

11.          Archbishop Uche Raymonds  – Adviser

12.          Her Eminence Cecilia Duke   – Adviser 

13.          All The Patriarchs  – Supervisors


1.            Christ Ambassador Edet  Archibong                          – Supervisor

2.            Christ Ambassador Ogar Osim                                    – Chairman


1.            Archbishop Uche Raymonds                                        – Supervisor

2.            Archbishop Joe Dike                                                        – Chairman


1.            Christ Ambassador Edet Uliong                                  – Chairman


1.            Christ Ambassador Zoryii Nwamimie                       – Supervisor

2.            Bishop Elect Lawrence Okon                                       – Chairman


1.            Archbishop Samuel Inok                                                – Chairman


1.            The Patriarch Christ Shepherd Ibinabo

                Michael West    – Supervisor

2.            Her Eminence Patience (Anne) Olwora                   – Chairman


1.            Christ Ambassador Emem Essien                               – Chairman


1.            Bishop Usen Umoh                                                         – Chairman


1.            Christ Shepherd King Asu                                              – Supervisor

2.            Christ Ambassador Ogar Osim                                    – Coordinator 1


1.            Christ Ambassador Tari Okorotie                               – Chairman


1.            Her Eminence Antonia Usman                                    – Chairman


1.            Christ Ambassador Ogeneochukwu Young             – Supervisor

2.            Bishop Julius Nyanayo                                                   – Chairman


1.            The Patriarch Christ Shepherd Ben-koko

                Odohofre  – Supervisor

2.            Her Eminence Timi Digitemie                                      – Chairman 


1.            Christ Ambassador Roland Omangi                           – Chairman


1.            Christ Ambassador (Dr.) Clement Iduate

                – Chairman


1.            SCS Emem Umoh                                                             – Chairman


1.            Archbishop Enang Essien

                – Chairman

Terms of reference and comprehensive members of the Sub-Committee will be made known during the Heavenly Father’s inaugural Meeting.

My Dear Children, it is instructive to note at this point that the exercise of identification of thrones on which you are about to enter is a highly spiritual one. As children of promise, prior to your existence, I, your Creator, had already placed each one of you into the respective thrones I have unveiled today. Therefore, this exercise, being a formal confirmation of your thrones requires you to be spiritually fit so as to be in tune with your spirit angels. You are expected to conduct yourselves in the most humble manner and in total reverence to the King of kings and Lord of lords as you file past to pick your respective Thrones.

Let the everlasting Joy, blessings and prosperity of the Ancient of Days be upon you all and the world at large for now and evermore.

Thank You Father.


The King of Kings and The Lord of Lords

Leader, Unified Universal Theocratic Council/

Head of Administration, BCS Worldwide.

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