As part of the itinerary marking the year 2019 edition of the Brotherhood All Youth Assembly (BAYA), youths of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star have been engaged in exhilarating and in depth lectures for mental and economic empowerment.

Held in the Orchid Hotel at Asaba, Delta State, the Summit, which was centered on Leadership and Entrepreneurial development, was themed “Raising Leaders as BCS Youth Ambassadors”.

Declaring the Workshop open, the Chairman, His Grace Archbishop (Sen.) B. W Degi, represented by the Head of the Workshop Planning Committee, Bishop Elect Ifiokabasi Udo, informed the participant that it has become imperative for youths in the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star to engage in such scholarly workshops to help change their mindset and gear them towards becoming great Ambassadors of the Returned Christ.

He further disclosed that the year’s edition is taking another dimension as resource persons, brought in from within and outside the Fold, are versed with knowledge on various sectors of the economy.

Ifiokabasi, who also presented a Paper titled “Leadership and Self-Motivation for a Better Tomorrow”, told his audience that the first step towards creating a better future is self- determination and self-motivation as, according to Udo, one must first firmly decide to carry out any activity before actualizing it.

He outlined the measures for possible self determination to include courage, self-discipline and respect for moral values. Ifiok further reminded the youths that any leader must be ready to serve first so that he or she will understand the tenets of leadership and also be motivated even in odd situations for, according to him, there is no sweet without sweat.

Another lecture, which was anchored by Prof. (Engr.) Ogochukwu Onwuka was on the topic, “Untapped Potentials in the Agric Sector”.  Prof. Onwuka, in his presentation, pointed out that agricultural practice is one which many have rejected, probably because of it tediousness, but revealed that it is a major stream of income if attention is sufficiently paid to it. The academic further highlighted the fact that the product of agriculture, even up to our daily meals, sustains all Nations. He noted that people are yearning to work with Oil Firms and other bigger industries forgetting that most of their earnings is spent basically on agricultural products. While advising the youths to start up any form of agricultural business, Onwuka disclosed that there are hidden potentials and great wealth in the sector.

“Generating Income from the Nigeria Tourism and Cultural Industry” was a topic handled by Bishop Elect (Dr.) Ilamikrama Clive where he talked about how the tourism and cultural industry can serve as another mainstream of income to people. Bishop Clive informed his listeners that Nations and States have different potentials or tourist attraction given to them by God but many fail to use them out of ignorance.

Citing the famous Obudu Cattle Ranch, situated in Northern Cross River State of Nigeria as an example, Clive stated that the place was opened and put to use by people who knew its value and today it serves as one of the revenue generating streams of the State.  Clive advised that where natural tourism potentials are identified, the hosts should modify and make it eye-catching and would be surprised to see the number of people that may stream down and pay to visit it stressing that cultures are attractive to outsiders when well packaged and pleasurable to assess.

Her Eminence Chimuoanya Ukam, who delivered a lecture on the topic “Benefits of Company Registration in a Competitive Business World”, disclosed to the youths that lots of benefits accrue when a Company is duly registered with its Government control Councils or Boards. She noted that many Companies fold up because they refuse to align with their regulatory bodies wherein they can get access to macro and micro loans etc. She opined that Companies who are registered with those bodies rarely suffer challenge of breakdown because of the insurance covering them and in the absence of this fear, the entrepreneur has ample room to explore without the fear of collapse.

On “Using the Internet to Achieve Success in Technology”, the lecturer, Dr Azuibike Nwanne informed his listeners that the internet is a basic asset of this present generation. Though the Internet may be used for connecting with others as most youths do on the social media, it is important to note that so much knowledge can be acquired from it as well and the youths must avail themselves of this opportunity, Nwanne stressed.

He also warned against indulging in cybercrimes as the internet is a tool that has been configured to capture activities of all humans even in hidden places.

Other papers presented during the summit were, “Opportunities in the Oil and Gas Sector” by Christ Ambassador (Engr.) Nsikak Udo and “Keys To Generating Multiple Streams Of Income” as handled by Mr. Kelly Osamar.

Shortly after the summit, some of the participants who spoke with the NKT expressed joy over the opportunity and promised to reflect on what they have been taught as they return back home.

Thank You Father.

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