It is a veritable truth that Priests in all spiritual organizations be they traditional, orthodox, Pentecostal, secret cults and societies occupy an interesting and strategic position in such Bodies.  Basically speaking, Priests are supposed to be divine intermediaries between God and man which presumes that they galvanize and spiritually oil positively whatever system they represent.  It is therefore an indisputable truth that Priests are by all standards the Sine qua non for the success or failure of such organizations excluding the establishments that benefit from direct divine propelling of the Supreme Spirit of all Creations. And such organizations are a rarity on planet earth.

The prominence of this unique intermediary position and its attendant responsibilities characteristically disposes only a few to wear the privileged toga of a Priest.  It is not an all comers affair. The absence of well-groomed Priests could be utterly devastating and injurious to a spiritual organization which underscores the need for a divine call and/or intense training to spiritually and physically equip the priest in the effective discharge of his/her duties. It is a notable fact that in some spiritual organizations, churches of different dimensions and secret societies, would –be Priests must undergo strenuous training for up to seven to twelve years or more to be considered for this prestigious office of a Priest because the importance of this mediator role cannot be overemphasized. It is an office with great demands and those who nurse the ambition to be Priests of any organization of whatever nomenclature must gird their loins.

In the New Kingdom of God, Brotherhood of the Cross and Star – also known as the Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity (CUSSPC) – the situation is largely the same but slightly different considering the fact that the Godhead Himself is in our midst and directing all affairs personally. Notwithstanding His physical presence, certain standards as laid down by the Supreme Personality of the Godhead and His Trinity must be followed. These three in one Supreme Spirit must touch the would-be priest in a divine election at that supernatural level before one is said to have a calling to be a Priest.  It is the divine process of imbuing the Holy Spirit on the would-be Priest for divine guidance critical to the success of the True Priest of God. It would have been unnecessary to search for a True Priest if all those in this service in the Kingdom were being directed by the Holy Spirit but we are aware of those who have strayed into the Priesthood for other ulterior motives and by their fruits, they are identified. These strays are those who readily upturn the laid down doctrines and precepts of the kingdom with impunity necessitating a continuous sanitization of the Priesthood Body and the consistent search for the True Priests in the New Kingdom of God.

The Holy Father, the Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu made it known that the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star is also the Christ Universal Spiritual School of Practical Christianity indicating that in the New Kingdom of God, those who must model after Him must be trained and endowed with the Holy Spirit to work in His steps.  He demonstrated this by intensely training the Christ Students (first set of Priests) for higher services in the New Kingdom and those who were in the fold when these “first fruits” of the Holy Spirit were sent out for what could be called practical preaching modeling can testify to the fact that the Christ Students were mini replicas of the Holy Spirit.  They were not only imbued with all fruits of the Holy Spirit but they were signs and wonders agents of the New Kingdom.  They laid the foundation of the New Kingdom in positive styles and heeded the divine instructions of the Ancient of Days, the Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, Founder and Sustainer of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star.

The New Kingdom Trumpet is very concerned about the behavior of some Priests and its constant source of apprehension to the leadership of the New Kingdom. It cannot be for lack of training for the quality and frequency of Training activities for this body has not declined. As a matter of fact, the Priests in this New Kingdom have benefitted from various training programme meant to strengthen them spiritually, physically, morally and doctrinally and the Priests have variously been baptized with the Holy Spirit annually. Besides these, the Priests also benefit from Conferences, seminars, symposia and many Interactive Fora consistently over the years at the level of the Apex Priestly Body as well as at the different Priesthood Bodies’ level.

NKT wonders if these appalling attitudes are a consequence of the lack of the Holy Spirit or the disbelieve in “unnecessary carnal” training as some Priests tend to. If the later is the case and such a position still holds sway in the minds of some Priests, then it is unacceptable as it has the trimmings of a very bad spiritual virus.  This attitude must be resisted while enthroning the appetite for learning in the minds of all Priests. If the former is the case, the Priests must pray fervently to the Holy Father for the gift of the Holy Spirit which is a core requisite for this esteemed office.

In the continuous moulding of the Priests of God, Patriarch Christ Shepherd Bassey Imowo in a paper presented in 2011 in a joint seminar of the Leader’s Representative and Priests on the topic “Leaders Representatives and Priest Relationship in Brotherhood of the Cross and Star” laid out sixteen memorable points to guide the Priests. He advised them to: (1)        Know your mission. (2)  High level of tolerance must be embraced.  (3) Do not pay back evil for evil. (4) Refrain from fornication, adultery and sacrifice your time more spiritually. (5) Love your master most. (6) You are not in the worldly theological colleges and seminaries. (7)  Be calm and don’t seek honour and glory for yourself.  (8)  Be selfless in your service.  (9)  Put on the armor of God.  (10) Possess the nature of God and keep this commandment.  (11) Be Ambassadors with God virtues. (12)  Show enormous responsibilities.  (13) Know that you are the image of God. (14)  You are only a servant and not a Boss.  (15)  Strive for the physical and spiritual growth of the Bethel. (16)  Be wise in conflict management. In addition, the Patriarch equally reminded them of the first to fourth steps to God by the Great Leader Olumba Olumba Obu and counselled them to take it to heart. 

Even as we write, we understand that another Priest screening exercise is in the offing which is commendable for we must keep pace with the dynamism of the Kingdom and its peculiar needs as it evolves. Let the Priesthood not forget that the BCS Head of Administration had raised the bar in this expectations from the Priesthood on 21st April, 2010 while addressing the CNTMs.  He declared “Your work as a True Missionary is consummated when you stop taking your brothers names, pictures and belongings like dresses, sand from their foot prints to native doctors, and secret societies to frustrate them, inflict sicknesses, cause their elimination through accident, poison them spiritually or make them go blind, insane, paralyzed or to probably take away their life; your work is only consummated when you open your mind and forgive your offenders, purify your hearts, generate love and goodwill to all and teach others to follow after you in the same direction.  Any day I see any of you inclined towards the above direction, I will take such a one unto myself for those who hallow His name in spirit and in truth are obedient, merciful, pure in heart, loving, kind, righteous, humble, meek and selfless in God’s service.  They recognize the Redeemer in every man because they know that when they love man, they have directly loved God”.

The above declaration by the Holy Father, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu completely encapsulates and describes who a True Priest should be. If the Holy Father Himself approves these regular Workshops for the Priests, it is indicative of the fact that both the spiritual (Holy Spirit) and the physical (trainings) are germane to becoming a complete and True Priest in the BCS. At the BCS present operational level, we should not condone misguided intermediaries any longer. We advise the few recalcitrant Priests in the kingdom to either shape up or ship out.

Beloved Priests, Trumpet believes that something good can still come out of Nazareth.

Thank You Father.

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